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  • At least one thing a day that scares me
  • Strike up/engage in conversations that take me outside my comfort zone
  • Smile at at least 3-5 strangers
  • Write down at least 3 things I'm grateful for
  • Workout til I get sore
  • Learn at least one fascinating, eye-opening thing that I can keep with me and build on
  • Spend an appreciable amount of time alone to reflect
  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes
  • Walk outside for at least half an hour, reflect on the beauty of nature
  • Watch the sun rise or set
  • Random acts of decency; hold doors open, help people with mundane tasks, say hello to a stranger or two, make someone's day better
  • If I like something about someone, compliment them right then without reserve
  • Will myself to consistently check news headlines, even if the full content is too depressing to delve into
  • Write... even if just a simple, ambiguous line of prosetry
  • Sit beneath the night sky and marvel at the stars for a while
  • Read: articles, news, books, poems, anything I can get my hands on
  • Come up with a decent time to watch shows that make me happy (The Office, Unbreakable KS, Bob's Burgers, Queer Eye, etc)

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aug 18 2018 +
user picture Imran: Prosetry? Beautiful hybrid word. I may use that in the future; with your permission nov 25 2013
user picture Rubab: Of course! I've heard it used many times before, it's not my own invention :) mar 2 2014