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  • a brimming cupful of stars
  • a pair of ocean-colored wings
  • a hammock on the moon
  • a magic carpet
  • an invisibility cloak
  • an enchanted tent on a quiet mountain top
  • an eternal sunrise
  • a unicorn with excellent conversational skills
  • a secret cave behind a waterfall
  • a ship composed of moonbeams
  • a universal postal office where an infinity of love letters are exchanged
  • an impenetrable crystal lighthouse
  • a castle on a cloud
  • a room of requirement
  • a window looking out on an eternity of peaceful autumns
  • a playground in the stars lit by pure, youthful laughter
  • a retractable rainbow that fits in any pocket
  • a secret cottage in the woods that becomes a home for the lost and disheartened
  • a pensieve that stores thoughts and infuses them with lucidity
  • a tea party with insightful cats and rabbits
  • mass produced spray bottles of joy and compassion
  • an endless stream of wordless love songs
  • an eternal thunderstorm captured in an hourglass
  • a heart that is only beautified by suffering, never wounded
  • a simple canopy bed on the safe white sands of a sacred beach
  • a swing of vines hanging from the branches of ancient cypresses
  • a library with a hundred floors and forever-changing, never-ending stories
  • aurora borealis tunnels
  • a river of affirming thoughts that spans from one end of the universe to the other
  • unlimited healing potions
  • a teleportation device that transcends every limit of dimension
  • a flute that weeps from saudade, and is answered note for note by its lost love, a harp that sings of being found

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