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  • planning to start a business
  • caring for ailing relatives
  • making fancy coffee drinks
  • packing up to move out (to new orleans)
  • switching from milk to dark chocolate
  • organizing my closet with stylebook
  • taking catholic classes
    • to be followed by judaism and islam
  • wearing flannels (sans pants) about my friends' houses
  • steeping my tea in rose or lavender water
  • paying off my student loans
  • cutting my own hair on the regular
  • offering tarot readings
  • wearing crop tops regardless of my weight
may 22 2016 ∞
nov 18 2016 +
user picture honeybee: aren't crop tops just so liberating? it took me the longest time and moving across the country to realise I could wear whatever the f I want and I've never felt more confident. I'm also a huge fan of flannels, sans pants. (sorry idk why I'm rambling on your list) jun 3 2016
user picture katya: don't be sorry. i love reading what you have to say. crop tops are the best though, and i'm glad i've grown up enough to start dressing for me instead of other ppl (and that you're right there with me). jun 5 2016