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  • Abortions being 'tragedies'.
    • There's nothing inherently tragic about abortions. My abortion left me feeling relieved and thankful. Calling all abortions 'tragic' is just feeding into anti-choice rhetoric.
  • ''Good'' abortions and ''bad'' abortions.
    • ''Good'' abortions come from rape and foetal abnormalities. ''Bad'' abortions come from sluts who forget to lube up. These stereotypes are so damaging. We shouldn't be dissecting what's acceptable and what isn't. Let women get on with their personal business.
  • Laws against sex-selective abortion.
    • Isn't it terrible that so many baby girls are being aborted? Shouldn't we, as feminists, be fighting that? Of course we should. But the answer isn't whacking further restrictions on reproductive healthcare.
  • Moral panics around late term abortions.
    • Late term abortions should be available. Pregnant people should be able to abort their fetus for whatever reason, without coercion, at any time they please. For me, the principle of full bodily autonomy is non-negotiable.
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