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  • the customer who tweeted the store, thanking me for my book recommendation
  • a poet who said he would try to get a book sent to me
  • the father, mother and daughter on boxing day (we talked about QI, water bottles, and phone cases)
  • another vicar who I had a similarly pleasant conversation with as the second
  • the 80 year old bodybuilder from my previous job
  • the guy who looked like Jaime Lannister
  • the lady who kept calling me 'treasure'
  • the sweet little old lady who kept us late, but I didn't mind
  • one of my high school English teachers
  • that one actor I like (he's terribly awkward)
  • another vicar who I had a long conversation with about church, she was absolutely lovely and reassured me that not knowing all the correct terminology doesn't really matter
  • the vicar who was the only person there when I sneezed and grinned as he said, "bless you." I think we were both amused
  • the 74 year old lady who called me gorgeous and ranted about technology
  • a mum and her son and daughter with very French names
  • one of my high school history teachers
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user picture Zuzanna: interesting list :D dec 27 2018
user picture honeybee: thanks! I wanted to keep it short and simple, but most importantly positive! it's too easy to focus on the negatives when you work in customer service so this is here to remind me of all the lovely people I've met :)