julie and raechel's house

  • pink, warm, and heavy but in a cozy way; jake & jessie always trailing around; the cluttered shoe room; the lights always being off & the walls pink and food always being covered in tin foil on the stove top

robyn's house

  • yellow and musty and the air 35% thicker and stagnant but in a good way and all of the doors wooden and carpets thick

the high school blue science bathroom

  • there was always a cold draft and the slightly open window let you smell the outside; the light was always dimmed and it was hard to look in the mirror n there were always things written in the third bathroom stall (approx. 1/2 of them my own words) & it always smelled like sunchips, cigarettes, n bleach

the high school auditorium we had drama rehearsals in

  • dim and confining but warm and inviting; kim eating snacks sitting on the tables and andrew singing the beatles in a cringey-but-endearing-sophomore-in-high-school-kind-of-way

the bicentennial early on weekend mornings for runs in the summer

  • "nippy" and blue frosty; then gradually muggy and green and foresty happy; tiny pretty summer bugs swimming out of the trees & i'm wearing my blue running shorts

aj & brook's kitchen

  • thicker, clean cabbage air and pinesol washed on the scuffed up floors; exercise equipment stuffed in the living room corner beyond all of the toys

the living room on blanchard street

  • it always felt very high up altitude-wise and there were green perforated curtains always flowing up a little from the wind (because mom always needed the window open) and i can't explain the smell but it made my nostrils flare a little

my freshman year dorm room with logan

  • small and tucked and green and stuffy sunshine; the wooden closet door always left open and my red corner table the first thing you see when you enter; phyllis playing bad brand new covers on guitar downstairs w/ the door ajar & lily straightening her warm blond hair in the 3rd floor washroom & upperclassmen boys longboarding down mellen street when you peer outside down the window between classes

elise and ana's dorm room

  • the coziest room i've ever experienced; christmas lights around the room all year long and the shades deeply drawn, lights off and candles and bridget jones diary on TV

the earth science classroom

  • clean and crispy and FREEZING and nice black leather chairs and sam wearing birkenstocks and mike hand-rolling his cigarettes beneath the desk and sarah needing help adjusting her chair because she's disabled and small

the ames library in easton

  • the air conditioner vents under the tables and blowing the cold air onto my ankles and i just finished lolita walking around easton in the thick august summer heat because i couldn't go home yet

my first job

  • the same jingle repeating on a loop on the speakers and a bell jingling every time someone enters or leaves the store and me hating to organize the clothes but liking to straighten the cereal boxes; the cleaning supplies aisle smelling strongly of clorox and chemicals; mike's small blue garden gloves to hide his hands and him peering through the windows to watch me at the register during his cigarette breaks in the dark rain; chris's red polo shirt jingling keychain and ipod blaring stupid alt rock

working at berryline

  • everything crisp and clean and a nice blue; the air conditioning always top notch and my yellow smock always on; white plaster dough and mochi on my hands and the smell of yogurt inescapable; stacks of big carton boxes in the basement and my ipod plugged in to practice chinese audio clips for class; will with the afro and skateboarding shoes playing grizzly bear songs and chris talking to me about mad men episodes; closing up and washing the dining tables, staring out of the dark mass ave windows at the pretty boston evening lights flickering on; riding my blue bike home in the dark


  • "non-profit" and clean and vegan; my bottle of vanilla handcream from lush perched on my desk & my trader joe's salad for lunch; the tables are all black and new and shiny and everyone wears fancy suits and talks about eating organic with big plastic smiles and it's friendly but empty and sad and the washroom is glistening white
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