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this is likely to be a never-ending list...

  • tears of joy
  • bridge to terabithia
  • this vintage love story photo-shoot +
  • ouran high school host club
    • tamaki & mitsukuni!!
  • pikachu
  • high-fiving/smiling/laughing babies
  • when people knock to be polite
  • when people offer their seats to the elderly or mothers with children.
  • when guys hold doors open, especially if you're far away and they have to wait. it's even cuter when they make it seem like it's no big deal, they do it all the time =]
  • when people leave little post-it-notes for random strangers.
  • when people pay for you when you're out on/forgot your caf card.
  • bunnies
  • when people cover their eyes/face in embarrassment
  • amigurumi
  • when little kids check each other out for the first time, lol
  • old married couples
  • baby panda & polar bears
  • cupcakes!!
  • fernando plushie pear by janiexy on etsy
  • mix 'n match buttons
  • ponyo
  • when people write & play their own songs. also, when they do covers that are even better than the originals. talented, without even trying^^
  • when people are humble. and give credit where they feel credit is due.
  • when dean smiles.
  • when sam cries.
  • kisses on foreheads.
  • little old ladies who treat everyone like their own grandchildren
  • the secret of kells
  • honesty
  • paintings by Trafalgar's Square
  • this quote: "I just finished up seven years working at a mail center, and over that time I would come across PostSecret postcards, and take the time to read them. Some were funny, some touching, some heartbreaking. But every time I read them I knew I was in a privileged position - not only because I was perhaps one of the first people to read these beautifully crafted cards, but also because I was being let into somebody's soul and sharing with them whatever emotion they invested into creating the card. I just want to let people out there know that even if your postcard doesn't show up on the website, there's a hardworking postal worker who is taking the time to read your secret, and who identifies with this brave, faceless, nameless sender." - New Zealand (My Secret, A PostSecret book compiled by Frank Warren)
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