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  • Endless amounts of time for reading and writing. Also painting.
  • To have come up with some kind of fabulous, collaborative, wild-fire esque, art project like Frank Warren's PostSecret.
  • To travel and travel and travel, experiencing all sorts of different cultures & global phenomenons.
  • To conserve & protect & raise awareness about the wilderness/wildlife/the environment.
    • John Muir
    • Thoreau
    • McCandless
    • Annie Leonard.
    • also. human rights./women's rights.etc.
  • Minimalist. Just essentials, keeping it simple & clean.
    • Leo Babauta
  • To have enough money to travel & take care of those I love, including myself.
  • To be able to help people in need & be instrumental in creating change and making this world a better place for everyone to live in.
  • Unlimited supply of candy & sweets. (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)
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