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  • always accept a compliment
  • and, dear alyssa, you look beautiful today
  • be refined, polite and well-spoken
  • cover up (because it's better if you do)
  • do everything you do with passion
  • do what you want, when you want, how you want
  • don't complain unless you can change something
  • dress like you're going to see your worst enemy
  • exaggerate your emotions immensely
  • keep in mind that saying, "No," feels good
  • learn to finish what you start
  • listen firstly, secondly, and speak only thirdly
  • love everything you can
  • never be bored
  • never close your eyes; you might miss something
  • never let people dictate you unless you know they know better
  • never stay in one place
  • no one can make you feel inferior without your consent
  • remember assertiveness is attractive, indecisiveness is not
  • remember that all limitations are self imposed
  • remember things that are not can become when you pretend
  • say what you mean and mean what you say
  • scream when you need to, but if a person won't listen unless you speak forcefully, they aren't worth dealing with
  • smile demurely during conversations and dramatically to yourself
  • speak softly and with dramatic hand gestures
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