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  • act like you're five
  • always interrupt their stories to tell your own
  • banality, unoriginality, and triteness above all
  • bash their ideas, politics, and religion
  • be clingy and insulting
  • borrow without any intention to return
  • ensure they know your have no life of your own
  • constantly complain - you're bored, your life is unfair, grammar
  • dance and sing sporadically despite your stoic settings
  • do everything with ferocity and passion
  • do what you like when you like however you like
  • don't ever apologize
  • don't let them forget how much better you are than them
  • don't listen to them
  • eat everything in your path
  • ignore things like personal space, hygiene, and good manners
  • judge their favorite books, movies, or otp
  • make them tell you stories when you're bored
  • never reciprocate - they may fancy themselves important
  • never take note of your wrongdoings; never forget theirs
  • speak at decibels not normally registered by humans
  • talk only about the same two things incessantly
  • tell everyone everything about yourself
  • tell them about your fandoms
    • and your ships
    • and what you're reading
    • and don't forget the actors' real lives too
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