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  • Oct 14 | why do I always forget how horrid it is to be around people for too long? i'm like The Doctor. stay around me, and bad things are wont to happen. stay alone too long, and the universe will tremble in my wake. #truestorybro.
  • Sep 20 | the only thing better than seeing a movie early, like a secret, is having friends to share it with. why do I constantly forget how much I need to be with somebody, anybody? bad things happen when I'm left on my own.
  • Sep 03 | why can't I shut the fuck up when I'm tired? you can hear more irreparably embarrassing shit in an hour when I'm tired than when you get six lushes locked in one room together all fucking night.
  • Apr 05 | Google's "Project Glass" gives me renewed hope in .hack and caprica styled gaming.
  • Mar 12 | being a bitch to your friends when they fuck you over won't make you feel any better. it'll just make you feel like you got fucked over twice.
  • Feb 04 | some days i wonder if i'm just the body double for jennifer love hewitt when she's off the set of the ghost whisperer and why i don't have more sleepless nights because of it.
  • Jan 22 | what's the point of living tucked safely away in bed? what's the point of living if not to fight for what one wants?
  • Jan 21 | «why would you be scared of the dark? your skin glows in the dark.» - n. young
  • Dec 27 | since i was twelve, i have longed for the consuming, passionate love that drives men to madness and ruin and immortality alike. i long to be wanted so utterly that it puts every sonnet ever penned to shame. it was some time before i realized how foolish a dream i held. i'm not the kind of girl they write ballads about.
  • Nov 09 | «if you ask anyone in the throes of depression how he got there, to pin down the turning point, he'll never know. there is a classic moment in the sun also rises when someone asks mike campbell how he went bankrupt, and all he can say in response is, 'gradually and then suddenly.' when someone asks how i [got this far behind in all of my schoolwork], that is all i can say too.»
  • Oct 17 | i'm having flash backs to junior year of high school. i can't do anything, i'm months behind on my school work, and i no longer sleep. what's wrong with me?
  • Sep 22 | it's queer. the less i eat in a today, the less hungry i feel tomorrow. my stomach's like a goldfish - the more i give it, the more it needs.
  • Sep 21 | i don't think neglecting your homework for jdramas and ramen can ever really be wrong.
  • Sep 15 | it's odd. the more out of place i feel or would like to disappear, the more i feel i see wrackspurts and and fairies and nargles and just beauty in the world. it gives me hope... and makes me wonder if i'm mad.
  • Sep 14 | i always wonder if i'm missable. do people even notice when i'm gone? but the problem is, if you're the kind of person to ask yourself that, you probably aren't whole enough to miss in the first place.
  • Sep 05 | «i wish i could have sex with my imaginary friend.» «uh, don't you have eric northman?» «those are daydreams. i meant in real life.» «you do remember you're twenty years old, right?» and then we laughed hysterically.
  • Sep 02 | «you mean you still have those dreams where you live a whole other life inside your head?» «yeah. i saved a pureblood wizard from being 'crucio-ed' by his dad during calculus class today. i'm waiting for dumbledore's owl to tell me if it's safe to come back to hogwarts. my calc professor suprisingly wasn't as thrilled about it as i was.» - cara and me
  • Sep 01 | the dark lord himself would find a drop of this dirty blood to be more precious everything in your veins, stupid boy. - the blood magic chronicles
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