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  • alien scourge and time traveling boxes
  • being mistaken for a flower
  • the boy in the woods
  • the identical "cousins" who were demigods
  • the pirate king
  • one child, born twice, who saved the world
  • finding a new world where lies become truth
  • the boy locked in that wicked, living house
  • the dead-girl, murder mystery
  • the goddess who saved the drug-addict in her dreams
  • time traveling boys mistaking me for the hero of this story
  • blood magic and irrevocable ties and managing mischief while studying for the owls
  • a modern narcissus, a girl far older than her years, who gazed into a silver pond and found a golden child there
  • loving death like an old friend as he sings me to sleep
  • a girl cursed for refusing zeus to be a man until she was saved by hera
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