im grateful for...

  • medicare and the prescriptions i need in access
  • not having developed full pneumonia or bronchitis
  • not overeating, been a while, im bettering myself

what would make today great?

  • a coffee from wildbean or gloria jeans
  • there be better grade movie selection on netflix
  • to feel like my throat wasn't soaked by acid

daily affirmations, i am... a meaningful being, full of wanderlust and openmindedness

3 amazing things that happened today

  • haven't stressed heavily
  • made a delectable (but not my best) pumpkin soup
  • wasn't criticised

how could I have made today better?

  • helped mum more with ironing and folding
  • illustrated something, painted maybe, since it's been a while, slowly gaining back my mojo
  • not made a coffee with the paleo cocoa powder
jun 22 2016 ∞
jun 22 2016 +