wednesday 29.06

im grateful for

  • the best friends i have
  • the animals that accompany me through life
  • art making & supplies

what would make today great?

  • a fuller meal for lunch
  • a coffee/ although i'm getting enough tea for that. still can't let down for a coffee
  • a spiritual cleanse

daily affirmation, i am... feeling more and more comfortable about who i am.

3 amazing things that happened today

  • Spent time with El this evening
  • Had some ideas flowing for more artworks to work on soon
  • Watched Steven Universe episodes & earlier, some Tokyo Ghoul with C

how could i have made today better?

  • Had more sleep
  • Worked out in the morning
  • Went for a walk
jun 28 2016 ∞
jun 30 2016 +