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Ascendant Aries - Sun Virgo Moon Cancer

People with the same Colorscope Sadie Delany black American teacher 1889 Mika Waltari Finnish novelist 1908

Boldness The personality is set amidst the backdrop of excelling. You want to make an impact on the world and project yourself with intense energy and primal power. + adventurous, pioneering, competitive, confident, strong leadership qualities, straight forward, contagious enthusiasm, warm, generous – attention getting, need for recognition, quick tempered, impulsive, rash behavior, selfish, accident prone

Precision Your approach to life is methodical and efficient. Being discriminating and reserved, you are one to quietly get the job done. An ingrain sense of duty or service is the usual motivation. There is an exacting, practical nature, one which focuses so intently on detail, often the bigger picture is missing. The personality is dignified and understated; a calm resolve is evident. You are a bit of a perfectionist with a critical nature, liking everything to be just right. There is a tendency towards worry and yet, in contrast, there is also a sensual surrender and a natural, pleasant earthiness. Sometimes a powerful sex drives comes into conflict with a naturally fastidious nature. Yet you are graced with integrity, common sense and an eye for detail. + diligence, modesty, discrimination, loyalty, industrious, helpful, integrity – nitpicking, narrow minded, critical, standoffish, overly concerned with social standing

Responsive Heart Loving, empathetic and vulnerable, Silver brings a highly intuitive and soft component to the personality. Fluid, emotional and moody, magical Silver nurtures and protects everything it loves. + sympathetic, kind, artistic, imaginative, gentle, romantic – impressionable, sometimes fearful or unstable, reactionary, possessive or clingy

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