inspired by monday

to do's

  • centrelink claim as student in order to acquire text books
  • (custom maybe?) computer for studies as current laptop is coming apart and wasn't new, but, refurbished
  • go to coffee with Phoenix, then Laura
  • new iPad possibly with pencil
  • officeworks for any remaining folders needed for uni
  • suitcase rummage? (possibly sell paintings there some day)


  • E3
  • going to volunteering for at least another month before back in studies again
  • was able to celebrate Michele's birthday before heading back home to Aus


  • may need to cut from volunteering, depending on uni schedule
  • nana's situation


  • need to do milky foot on feet again as i had plenty of mosquito's bit up my feet
  • try to get to the gym again
  • watch it with the eggs


  • doc martens
  • overalls what?
  • san francisco
  • tram trolley's
  • trying to find a new desk/ maybe take current one to recycle centre

important dates

  • 16th Mama's
  • 3rd Larry's Birthday
  • 5th Michele's Birthday
  • 7th Alicia's
jun 11 2018 ∞
aug 6 2018 +