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inspired by monday

to do's

  • go to coffee with Phoenix, then Laura
  • see Egyptian exhibit with C
  • officeworks for any remaining folders needed for uni & print out text to finish a commission
  • suitcase rummage? (possibly sell paintings there some day)


  • going to volunteering for at least another month before back in studies again
  • starting uni in less than three weeks (may need to cut from volunteering, depending on uni schedule or if that particular shop stays)
  • catching up with steven universe episodes


  • need to do milky foot on feet again as i had plenty of mosquito's bit up my feet
  • need to see chiro - back & hip is horrid right now


  • doc martens
  • overalls what?
  • dresses suddenly
  • green tea anything

important dates

  • 14th-15th | Medieval festival
  • 16th - 20th | Orientation week
  • 25th | Start studying again
  • 29th | El's Birthday
jul 3 2018 ∞
aug 6 2018 +