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  • Baking cookie's We WILL eat.
  • Christmas Candles
  • Coffee, egg nog and hot chocolate
  • Finished Christmas Shopping and wrapping to finally watch them be part of the glow beneath the tree.
  • Going to the beach to stand or walk amongst the water.
  • Having Family over and when they stay, the aftermath in the evending & on boxing day is usually fun.
  • Helping Grandma bring in everything from the car & help her cook
  • Hugs
  • Intricate Christmas lights
  • Leftovers <3
  • Limited Edition products
  • Myer during Christmas time; the decorations, window displays, and the smell around the store.
  • Skyping/Having Christian's family
  • Smell of Pine
  • Sorting an outfit the night before (as I rarely do this to begin with)
  • Stuffing
  • The early hours of the day, cause the child inside from years ago says yesssssss
  • The Sound of the old rattling air conditioners when they're on throughout the house.
  • Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve
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