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Just for a bit of fun

  • Favorite Smell? Rain, coffee
  • Last time you cried? About a week ago maybe
  • Favourite pizza? Godfather with stuffed crust/Meat Lovers (from our village pizza especially)
  • Favorite flower? Orchid & Peonies
  • Favorite animal? Owls, tigers, german shepherds
  • Did you go to university? Not yet, but have done so far 6 years of college.
  • Untie your shoes when taking off? Mostly, Yes
  • Rollercoaster? Hell maybe
  • Favourite ice cream? Coconuts for caramel Ben & Jerry's or Murray river salted caramel with hazelnuts Connoisseur or Mint choc chip.
  • Shorts or Jeans? Shorts only when it's hot and jeans any other time
  • What music do you like? Rock, Alternative & Classical. Only some electronic
  • Favourite TV show? Fringe, Silent Witness, CSI: New York, Breaking Bad,
  • Tattoos? Not yet
  • Natural hair colour? Brunette
  • Eye Colour? Hazel
  • Favourite food to eat? Sushi
  • Favorite holiday? Throughout the year, Halloween, despite me never having actually dressing up to trick or treat, and it's not huge for Australia. Also Christmas.
  • Beer or Wine? Zibibbo or Merlot
  • Night owl or early bird? Night owl, not keen on mornings as I was as a teen (would wake at 5/5;30, even though school was literally 5 min drive away)
  • Favorite day of the week? Wednesday & Saturday
  • Do you have a nickname? Ness/Nessie
  • Favorite season? Winter
  • Favourite place to get away? Maleny/Montville
  • Missing someone? Not sure, probably fam in US
  • Dream vacation? Italy orJapan
  • Regrets? -
  • Middle name? Marie
  • Go back to secondary school? No!
  • Ocean or lake? Ocean
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