• New Mexico was nothing but aliens (now it's nothing but methamphetamine)
  • similarly, Switzerland was a country full of death where people were killed routinely
  • Ireland was legally not part of any continent
  • eating Philadelphia cheese would kill you and turn you into an angel; eating Splenda would turn you into a chicken
  • going to my Dutch uncle Vincent's house would somehow involve leaving the UK and entering the Netherlands, as if his house was, somehow, not on British territory
  • likewise, all IKEAs were actually on Swedish property
  • everyone in line to the throne would get a chance at being monarch, as if they took it in turns
    • royalty was exactly like in Disney/fairy tales, and real-life princesses (but not princes, bizzarely) would have to something really strange to become a princess, like die and be brought back to life with a kiss.
  • when people die, you would be able to physically see their spirit rising into the heavens
  • the Joseph movie was filmed in a real school where the actors - including Joan Collins and Donny Osmond - actually worked as teachers (I wanted to go to that school so badly)
    • also, the scene where they run onto the stage and their clothes change colour actually happened, and wasn't special effects
  • the singer Enya was dead by 2006
  • fairy tales were real, but based on things that had actually happened, i.e. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc had existed in history - including all the weird fantasy parts like the Fairy Godmother
  • my dad 'invented' the NHS and the whole town of Hastings
  • (warning: really gross) I asked my mum how babies are made, and all she said was 'they touch butts', so for about 2 years I thought babies were made by a couple leaning over and actually putting their buttholes together, and then waiting until a baby was conceived. this is apparently similar to how dogs and other canids mate
  • also, babies were born through the butthole
  • teacher training involved nothing but teachers on treadmills.
  • the whole town of Ashford was nothing but the tent-outlet
    • one of my friends used to live in Ashford so I assumed she lived somewhere in the tent
  • modern-day knights (e.g. Judi Dench and Elton John) would actually run around in suits of armour on horseback with swords fighting dragons, like stereotypical medieval knights
  • graveyards were usually on hospital rather than church grounds
  • I saw the word 'lavatory' for the first time on an aeroplane safety card when I was 7, so I assumed they misspelled 'laboratory' and that there was an actual science lab on the plane, somewhere
  • the 1990s (when I was born) was 'the olden days', and being 16 was old.
  • scenes in things like documentaries where they showed a clip of something from times before they had video recording were captured by going back in time. for example, a viking battle scene would be filmed at the actual time on location. (apparently, reconstructions weren't a thing.)
    • alternatively, they used actual footage from the time
  • the living could visit the dead by obtaining and climbing up a really long ladder to the afterlife via space.
  • the plastic gems used in tiaras, etc for kids dress-up outfits or free in Disney Princess magazines were real gemstones
  • the voice actors in cartoons had to voice the same character(s) in every language the show was dubbed into.
    • I had a Spongebob DVD which came in languages other than English, so I assumed that the original English voice actors had to re-dub their lines into French, German, etc, rather than just hiring native speakers.
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