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I Have:

  • A pinup girl sitting on a stack of books on my lower back: Gotten during my first semester at UCF as a creative writing major
  • Black and gray Celtic tree of life on my left shoulder: Done on my 18th birthday, the design blew me away the first time I saw it and I always wanted a simple design on my shoulder
  • Black and gray with a hint of pink and purple heart shaped cookie cutter on my ankle: My mother's nickname for me....a modification of the classic heart "Mom" tattoo
  • Tiny blue seal on my butt: His name is Slappy, for my love of seals. I like to tell people I'm "sealed for quality".

I Want:

  • A memorial Money Penny portrait tattoo: Tongue required and a candy heart-penny border.
  • Orange tree branch with blossoms and bees on my ribs: With a line from my favorite book American Gods "Dissolve into alligators and toxic waste and madness"
  • Raptor talon: With a banner that says "Clever Girl"
  • The word "smultronstallet" with a tiny strawberry: Swedish word for "a place of wild strawberries"
oct 3 2010 ∞
aug 20 2015 +