• descrição dos projetos de pesquisa
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  • pessoal
    • usar a agenda que comprei!
  • saúde
    • quantas horas por dia trabalhar e descansar?
    • tratamento dentista
    • tratamento lombar
    • tratamento gastro
    • pilates
    • óculos novo
  • pós
    • expectativa de publicação
    • disciplinas em outra universidade
    • apresentação do projeto
  • meu jardim
    • plantar maracujá
    • plantar milho no vaso
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    • mecanismos de evolução orgânica (obrigatória) | ✧✧✧
    • biologia das interações entre organismos (obrigatória) | ✧✧✧
    • seminários (obrigatória) | ✧
    • metodologia de pesquisa científica (eletiva, transversal ufpr) | ✧✧✧✧
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  • ▷ because this is my first life(kr) 6/17
  • ✰ coffee prince (kr) 17/17
  • ✰ old fashioned cupcake (jp) 5/5
  • ↻ ✰ reply 1988 (kr) netflix 20/20
  • business proposal (kr) netflix 12/12
  • exo next door (kr) 16/16
  • ↻↻ ✰ goblin (kr) 16/16
  • ✰ just between lovers (kr) netflix 16/16
  • ↻ ✰ mad for each other (kr) netflix 13/13
  • ✰ my liberation notes (kr) netflix 16/16
  • ✰ our beloved summer (kr) netflix 16/16
  • scarlet heart: goryeo (kr) 20/20
  • ✰ strong woman do bongsoon (kr) 16/16
  • ✰ the untamed (ch) 50/50
  • touch your heart (kr) 16/16
  • 100 days my prince (kr) netflix 3/16
  • laughter in waikiki (kr) netflix 20/36
  • the legend of the blue sea (kr) 2/20
  • weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo (kr) 16/16
  • it's okay, it's love (kr) 10/16
  • ✰ what's wrong with secretary kim? (kr)...__16/16__
jun 19 2022 ∞
jul 26 2023 +

a few quotes n stuff that resonates w my heart <3

  • the key to maintaining joy in life is getting excited about tomorrow's breakfast every once in a while
  • nothing is missing, look around you. give it form. x
  • this mary oliver poem i want to wake up thinking about<3
  • for wednesdays
  • this ada limón quote about mothers<3
  • may i never be afraid / especially of myself.
  • (...) we are pleased to return them to you...
  • hey... put down that gun, you need a sandwich. - mary karr, “VI. Wisdom: The Voice of God”
  • matchadventure by livia falcaru
  • it is not an evil thing to look at yourself with kindness. your life was never mea...
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  • banco de séries x

➯ assistindo no momento

  • one punch man ▸ 2x1
  • new girl ▸ 3x5
  • buffy ▸ 1x4
  • ms. marvel ▸ 1x2
  • haikyuu!! ▸ 1x12
  • wizards of waverly place ▸ 4x1

➯ on call (casuais)

  • a.p. bio ▸ 3x3
  • adventure time ▸ 5x21
  • supernatural ▸ 1x3
  • joe pera talks with you ▸ 3x9
  • succession ▸ 1x4
  • gilmore girls ▸ 3x1
  • superstore ▸ 5x20

➯ finalizadas

  • dark
sep 27 2021 ∞
aug 12 2022 +

spring is here! i'm so excited i wet my plants :-)

botany plants this weekend?

sorry, i have plants this weekend

oct 27 2021 ∞
oct 27 2021 +
    • they got a picture of van gogh on the wikipedia page for clinical depression yeah it helps to describe it yeah it helps to describe ⇢ texto do vincent no início do cap de fisiologia sensorial da silverthorn
    • never rarely sometimes always ⇢ obvious child ⇢ maeve de sex ed
    • atriz de never rarely sometimes always parece com a mary elizabeth winstead. o ator do filme parece o carinha de atypical. sam de moonrise kingdom parece com o will toledo.
    • eu assistindo middleditch & schwartz e o doc de feno "Fenologia é o estudo dos eventos biológicos periódicos de seres vivos, animais e plantas, influenciados pelo ambiente, especialmente por mudanças na temperatura, conduzidas pelo tempo e pelo clima (SCHWARTZ, 2003)"
    • o mark de the miseducation of cameron post e o neil de dead poets society. ah, e f...
sep 20 2020 ∞
sep 10 2021 +
  • dançar ao som de movement do hozier como se apenas eu existisse no mundo
  • ver um episódio tão engraçado que a barriga chega a DOER quando eu paro de rir
  • olhar no espelho do banheiro e fazer minha oração do dia
  • tomar um banho gelado no verão
  • tomar um banho morno, ouvindo minhas playlists super chill, e depois ir dormir
  • fazer doodles no bullet journal sem me importar como vão ficar
  • recortar figuras de revistas pra enriquecer meu sketchbook
  • botar os pés na grama e sentir o cheiro da chuva
  • ver os cachorros sonhando, mexendo as patinhas e o rostinho aiiii
  • escrever sem parar até esvaziar minha caixinha
  • tomar o corpo e o sangue de cristo
  • a sensação depois de terminar um (bom) ...
jan 23 2019 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
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    • "now that i'm dead i know everything. [...] since being dead - since achieving this state of bonelessness, liplessness, breastlessness - i've learned some things i would rather not know, as one does when listening at windows or opening other people's letters. you think you'd like to read minds? think again." chapter i
    • "through children, alliances were forged; through children, wrongs were avenged. to have a child was to set loose a force in the world." chapter vi
    • "i felt quite dizzy. i kept my eyes downcast, so all i could see of odysseus was the lower part of his legs. short legs, i kept thinking, even at the most solemn moments. this was not an appropriate thought - it was trivial and silly, and it made me want to giggle - but in my own defence i must point out that i was only fifteen." chapter vi
    • "odysseus himself did not get drunk. he h...__chapter vii__
jul 30 2020 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
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    • 'cause i want what i want / do you think that i want too much? | is this too, is this too much? | oh, did i say too much? i'm so in my head
    • i keep a window for you / it's always open | keep a window for me, open / open for me always | slide on through my window
    • i'm high as a kite when i'm with him | up in the clouds, high as a kite
    • i'll be your sinner in secret / when the lights go out | when all the lights out / hey! where you going?
    • he's all kinds of hardness and heartless / but I know he's down | it's hard to get to know me / are you down d-down?
    • my heart needed a holiday | he gives me the holiday i needed all the time
    • i've been living with no regrets | and if you wanna know why i have no regrets
    • you shine bright by yourself dancing solo | party for one / if you don't care about me / i'll just dance for myself / back on my beat
    • i got everything he needs | what i got you need it and i'll run to your side
    • toss and turn without me boy, let it hit you cold and hot | i toss and turn but still i can't sleep right
    • i'll be your lighthouse when you're lost at sea | i'm like a lighthouse, i'm a reminder of where you're going
sep 5 2020 ∞
nov 7 2020 +
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  • historian - lucy dacus
  • any other way - tomberlin
  • the douple ep: a sea of split seas - courtney barnett
  • sit resist - laura stevenson
  • get disowned - hop along
  • upside down mountain - conor oberst
  • collection - soccer mommy
  • turn out the lights - julien baker
  • st vincent - st vincent
  • everybody works - jay som
  • boygenius - boygenius
  • o my heart - mother mother
  • reward - cate le bon
  • sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit - courtney barnett
  • the barrel - aldous harding
  • vagabon - vagabon
  • bark your head off, dog - hop along
  • my woman - angel olsen
  • placeholder - hand habits
oct 16 2020 ∞
oct 27 2020 +

inspo tournesun

  • take the right one ⇢ shuffle | a different kind of fix bombay bicycle club
  • beggars ⇢ leave it | a different kind of fix bombay bicycle club
  • i'm your empress of ⇢ bit of rain ⇢ void | i'm your empress of empress of
  • some nights (intro) ⇢ some nights | some nights fun.
  • i have friends in holy spaces ⇢ northern downpour | pretty odd. panic! at the disco
  • the body is a blade ⇢ till death ⇢ this house ⇢ here come the tubular bells | soft sounds from another planet japanese breakfast
  • sun veins ⇢ way it goes | landmark hippo campus
  • sun it rises ⇢ white winter hymnal | fleet foxes fleet foxes
  • screwed ⇢ django jane | dirty computer janelle monáe
  • doubt ⇢ bambi | bambi hippo campus
  • jumpsuit ⇢ levitate | trench twenty one pilots
  • death star ⇢ goodbye to all that | the ascension sufjan stevens
  • perfecto miserable ⇢ alone, omen 3 | man alive! king krule
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dec 30 2020 +
dec 27 2019 ∞
jul 18 2020 +
  • introdução e fundamentação menos cansativas
  • estresse abiótico também inclui inundações; ler ecofisiologia vegetal
  • quais são os ambientes diferentes? luz e sombra
  • termos a discutir e diferenciar
    • plasticidade fenotípica
dec 18 2023 ∞
feb 27 2024 +
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dec 11 2023 ∞
dec 12 2023 +
  • artigos
      • morfologia foliar/chave, norte:
        • aréolas são delimitadas pela terminação do xilema
      • lauraceae na piap: distribuição e caracteres vegetativos distintivos
sep 27 2023 ∞
dec 7 2023 +
    • ecologia teórica (eletiva) | ✧✧
        • seminário 01: the trophic-dynamic aspect of ecology, lindeman 1942
        • seminário 02: projeto (fundamentação, objetivo, pergunta, delineamento (variável resposta, preditora) e escala, e resultado esperado)
    • introdução à biologia comparada (obrigatória) | ✧✧✧
        • seminário único: comparação de artigos (classificação morfológica e molecular)
    • biologia das interações dos organismos com o ambiente (obrigatória) | ✧✧✧
        • trabalho I: o bioma e sua vegetação
aug 15 2023 ∞
feb 29 2024 +
oct 1 2021 ∞
jan 7 2022 +
  • asking for help
    • i'll ask for help whenever i need to
    • i'll remind myself that if i need something, most people will be glad to help if they can
    • i'll use clear, intimate communication to ask for what i want, explaining my feelings and the reasons for my request
    • i'll trust that most people will listen if i ask them to
  • being myself
    • when i state my thoughts clearly and politely, without malice, i won't try to control how people take it
    • i won't give more energy than i really have
    • instead of trying to please, i'll give other people a true indication of how i feel
jul 3 2017 ∞
aug 2 2021 +
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  • a tulip field, all colors possible, sky is brigadeiro blue and tin (the manhole) by everything everything playing in the background. i run everywhere. the flowers don't break when I touch them. the smell is unbelievably sweet.
  • the forest @ pevri, it's raining and im alone there, I look up and raindrops paint my face, I hear bugios but I'm not scared, they're my friends. shrike by hozier plays in the background. the trees are so tall and thick and the river flows with the rain. sometimes I get close to the river, sometimes I stand by the trees, hugging them and feeling the energy.
  • it's me and jude st francis. st jude by florence plays in the bg. we're in this old, beautiful and big church and I hug him and he finally hugs back. this isn't terrestrial life, we died a long time ago. i smile at him and he knows he's safe here, with me, in this place and in this time. everything that has ever ...
may 23 2020 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
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    • [...] he takes Goodbye To All That as another example, named after Joan Didion's 1967 essay about leaving New York that was itself named after Robert Graves' 1929 war memoir, described by the author as 'my bitter leave-taking of England'. "that phrase on its own is like 'well that was fun!' 'Thank U, Next!' 'Keep calm and carry on!' (não acredito que ele disse isssooo) there's such a proliferation of these phrases in our society and we shrug them off and find them meaningless, but right now i'm desperate for some kind of platitude that tells me where to go, and how to go about my business in a way that's healthy and sustainable. these phrases are all carried down throughout the generations because they get us through the day." x
    • you must love your enemies, serve the poor, give everything away, and put yourself last. this goes against everything the world has taught you, and it goes against ...__we must be in the world, not of the world...__ x
jul 25 2020 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
list icon
    • álbum novo da billie marten
    • ver filmes da disney
    • ver o mar de novo!
    • voltar a ver meus amigos da uni
    • conhecer a renata
    • conhecer a ana
    • ler mais livros
    • pós em evolução e sistemática de angiospermas
    • aprender a bordar
    • pra terminar o curso
    • paddington 3!
    • o charlie e a jenny JUNTOS em i want you back 11/2/2022
    • ver batman do rob com a aline no cinema na sala vip do catuaí comendo pipoca delícia
jan 27 2021 ∞
feb 12 2022 +
  • sentir o corpo derreter quando levo um baita susto.
  • a conexão do meu coração com o coração da mãe natureza quando estamos próximas.
  • botar o celular pra despertar de manhã e perceber que vou dormir mais ou exatamente 8h naquela noite.
  • deitar na minha cama depois de um dia longo e sentir as pernas agradecerem, quando todas as células quase saem do tecido e te abraçam agradecendo pelo descanso.
  • rir tanto que você chega a sentir o peito apertando... chorar de rir, ficar com as bochechas doendo e os olhos fechadinhos de tão engraçado que foi.
  • ouvir uma música BOA in ages!!!
  • realmente gostar de uma música na primeira vez que ouço
  • a primeira sensação de descanso depois do yoga
feb 9 2019 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
  • o céu suuuper azulzinho!!!
  • pássaros planando,..,,,,
  • pardaizinhos tomando banho em poças d'água
  • BALEIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • as plantas e as algas... pegam a LUZ DO SOL e com isso elas PRODUZEM ENERGIA!!! tipo???? what kind of SORCERY???
  • cheiro de chuva na terra
  • nosso planeta é tão bonitinho e tudo foi feito com tanto carinho pelo caos :(
  • os animais não são malvados, não têm consciência do que é o bem e o mal. mas amam com tanta facilidade e tanta vontade...
  • florestas grandooonas e extremamente verdes, silenciosas, cheias de VIDA. lugares que o homem nunca vai tocar porque são sagrados e ele não pertence a todos os lugares.
  • o amor. e tudo o que nele se sustenta. o ...
mar 5 2019 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
  • preciso
    • sabonete e hidratante (panvel) 60$
  • não é urgente
    • mouse
    • luminária led
    • colírio
    • case pro cel
  • quem sabe? (vou ficar querendo)
    • summer sun $28
    • the secret life of plants $35
    • vincent/ilustração $25
    • jane eyre 60$ (capa dura e ilustrado)
    • cartas a milena 20$ (amazon)
    • mulheres que correm com os lobos 37$ (amazon)
jan 20 2019 ∞
jun 26 2021 +
    • seokmin: when the sun comes out after the storm. the birds sing happily again and the butterflies rise. feeling at peace when the sun kisses your skin. it's tasting saltwater after a dive. it's coming home late at night and being asked by your roomate if you brought any food. it's adding tons of toppings in your ice cream and getting weird looks from your friends.
    • seungkwan: when you're in a flower field and the smell of every single flower there combines and reaches your being. you feel the relief. it's as if someone's telling you it's going to be okay but there are no words, just the feeling. it's waking up early to a quiet morning. it's mantaining eye contact with your pet. it's hugging someone so tight your back hurts!!! it's being so filled with love your heart almost explodes.
jan 20 2019 ∞
jul 18 2020 +
  • episode 01
    • i love how constipated darcy looks when they meddle with society! it's like he's smelling a fart or something?
      • 14:13 it's SO funny to me that such different personalities are very well acquainted. bingley is pure sunshine and then we have darcy, the literal opposite.
    • weird how mrs. bennet was all in for jane to go for darcy lmfao
    • mrs. bennet telling darcy he should, in fact, dance that night, because no other ball would ever have such lively music and such pretty partners. then he just leaves???? "come darcy, i must see you dance. i hate to see you standing about in this stupid manner!" i really cried, i love bingley so much.
    • very unfair of ppl to bash the jane actress just because she doesn't look like ros...
jun 29 2020 ∞
aug 8 2020 +
  • renascer (globoplay) capítulo 31
  • cine holliúdy (globoplay)
  • o auto da compadecida (globoplay)
  • irmandade (netflix)
feb 4 2024 ∞
feb 27 2024 +
  • procrastination
    • write down everything you need and can do in the next 15 days
    • put those tasks in a table, color code them as easy (takes ~2h), medium (takes a day and a half) and hard (takes more than three days and will need help from others)
    • start with the easiest ones
    • if you complete a task, it means you accomplished it and that's it. it does not mean the task difficulty should've been bigger.
  • rewards
    • for every task on your table, there should be a reward after you finish it.
  • advice
    • make small and uninportant mistakes on purpose
dec 26 2023 ∞
dec 26 2023 +
list icon
  • flora e inventários florísticos (teoria e prática)
  • formações vegetacionais do paraná
  • morfologia e anatomia funcional de plantas
  • aplicação da diafanização foliar: desde a taxonomia à ecologia vegetal
  • nomenclatura botânica e sua importância na sistemática vegetal
dec 12 2023 ∞
dec 12 2023 +
list icon
  • ufpr/botânica - nota 5
    • Marcos Bergmann Carlucci: trabalha com conservação
    • Patricia Soffiatti: trabalha com anatomia e evolução
  • ufla/botânica aplicada - nota 5
    • Evaristo Mauro de Castro: anatomia ecológica
    • Marinês Ferreira Pires Lira: anatomia comparada em função de gradientes ambientais
    • Rubens Manoel dos Santos: variáveis ambientais e inclui anatomia e levantamentos
    • Márcio Paulo Pereira (colaborador): plasticidade das plantas em função dos fatores abióticos do ambientes
    • Fabricio Jose Pereira: trabalha com anatomia ecológica, fatores abióticos bem interessantes, mas é agrônomo, então é ...
dec 6 2023 ∞
dec 13 2023 +
  • o clac que faz quando eu como jabuticaba
  • lençóis fresquinhos e cheirosos que acabaram de sair do forno (do varal qnd tá sol)
  • virar a noite lendo
  • passar no the best e ir pra casa a pé ouvindo rerun de this is important
  • encostar a cabeça no ombro do bruno e fazer carinho na mão dele enquanto isso
  • jogar termo
  • participar do sorteio do cazé e ouvir ele mmmm mm mmm
  • fazer playlist temática
  • ver vídeo das dragbox enquanto jogo i love hue
  • o primeiro gole de uma cerveja frutada
sep 30 2022 ∞
oct 19 2022 +
  • charlie wants an abortion (1x2) | charlie
  • dennis and dee go on welfare (2x3)
  • mac bangs dennis' mom (2x4)
  • the gang gets invincible (3x2)
  • dennis and dee's mom is dead (3x3)
  • the gang gets held hostage (3x4)
  • the gang solves the north korea situation (3x6)
  • sweet dee is dating a r*tarded person (3x9) | dee
  • the gang dances their asses off (3x15)
  • the gang solves the gas crisis (4x2)
  • america's next top paddy's billboard model contest (4x3)
  • mac's banging the waitress (4x4) | dennis and charlie
  • mac & charlie die parts 1 and 2 (4x5,6) | mac and charlie
  • paddy's pub: the worst bar in philadelphia (4x8)
  • dennis reynolds: an erotic life (4x9) | d...
dec 24 2021 ∞
jan 6 2022 +

✽ resting isn't transactional. you don't need to do anything special or extra difficult to deserve a break. you don't need to reach a certain goalpost of suffering and exhaustion before you're allowed time off. resting for a day doesn't mean that you're obligated to work twice as hard the next day. humans need variety. humans need quiet time. humans need time to "shut off", whatever that looks like for them.

last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt - marvelous error! - that I had a beehive here inside my heart. and the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures — antonio machado

good things come and go. but they come!!!

the point being, that I am a tender heart still, vulnerable, never wise, but tender hearted - anne sexton

✽ people are never the neat little image you carry of them in your head. they wi...

nov 17 2021 ∞
nov 17 2021 +

trying to be a kinder and more understanding person doesn’t mean eradicating every feeling of anger and irritation you experience.

✽ never overextend yourself to be in someone’s life. Natural alignment is a real thing and what is for you will not pass you by.

people who wait for you to tie your shoe. people who shift closer to you when you're subconsciously moving away while you're walking next to them. people who smile at you as soon as you make eye contact. people who seek you out to tell you some good news. people who listen to you and hear you and understand you. do not make the mistake of ever convincing yourself that everyone is a bad person when you yourself have done this and not even thought twice about it

✽ avoid being accessible all the time. Get off of social media, and away from ot...

oct 16 2021 ∞
nov 16 2023 +
  • comer uva no frio
  • escutar a chuva batendo no telhado tarde da noite
  • ouvir de pessoas que me amam que vai ficar tudo bem
  • comer melancia na varanda de casa
  • chorar de alívio
  • chorar de tanto rir, e até passar mal
  • sentir tanta felicidade que parece que meu corpo vai derreter
  • lovable characters
  • ter uma inspiração tão grande pra escrever que as palavras parecem fazer parte de mim e queriam sair há muito tempo
  • receber uma mensagem daquela pessoa
  • conversar sobre coisas mundanas com a renata
  • lavar o cabelo na água gelada nos dias quentes de verão
  • receber elogios e ficar toda corada ao agradecer
jan 13 2019 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
list icon
      • face mask
      • yoga e workout
      • playlists pro finde: lofi bedroom music for sad girls getting better | magical space girl kpop | nostalgic breeze | x
      • ver um filme que me trás conforto
      • plantinhassss
      • ler!!! ler muito!!!
      • comer fruta que nem criança come
sep 19 2020 ∞
oct 29 2020 +
  • recentes: recuperação
    • centrar-se 25min
    • foco e energia 25min
    • amor próprio 18min
    • coração feliz 25min
    • cocriação 18min
    • ♡ 30 dias de yoga eu sou amor dia 01 23min
    • estar presente 12min
    • cultivar alegria & leveza 15min
    • detox 50min
    • conexão série, dia 01 aterrar 23min
    • vinyasa p/ iniciantes parte ii 47min
  • sarah beth's bedtime playlist
  • lombar
  • pescoço, ombros e pulsos 18min
  • bom dia!!!!
aug 4 2020 ∞
jan 2 2021 +

[little things i want to keep from this experience]

  • my weheartit collection inspired by them
  • a spotify playlist with songs that remind me of them
  • [season 7, episode 2]
    • paul: i want you to know you that are the single greatest blessing i've ever received. i mean... i don't know why we’re put us here on this earth, i don't know what they want from us, except that i've always known that i was supposed to be by your side and taking care of you and having a family with you and making you happy. in a universe that is 99% disappointment you are the one sure thing, you are the proof that life is good. you are my life.
    • jamie: oh my god, don't ever die. "give me my romeo, and when he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and m...
feb 16 2019 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
list icon
  • plantar espada de são jorge:
    • mudas: cortar uma folha em partes com 5 a 10 cm de comprimento e enterrar em areia úmida, cobrindo com saco plástico para manter o substrato úmido
    • vaso precisa de: argila expandida (~10$), manta (~6$) e húmus de minhoca (~12$)
  • samambaia-havaiana: ambientes internos ou à meia sombra, deve ser mantida úmida e protegida de correntes de vento; mantenha o vaso em local ventilado e de alta incidência de luz, mas onde não bata sol direto nas folhas.
  • passarinhos:
    • ideias de comedouro ⇢ 01 02
    • quais frutos gostam de comer?
      • sabiá poca gosta de mamão e às vezes de jabuticaba
jun 24 2020 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
  • 29/3 (cell biology) because cellular membranes' phospholipids are similar in all membranes, the phospholipids molecules are often targets of venoms. for example, a rattlesnake's venom is a set of enzymes, phospholipases, that break phospholipids. among other effects, the enzymes destroy the matrix in the cell membranes of a victim's skeletal muscle cells, exposing the inside of the cells, causing chaos in all of the cell structure. then, the cell will most likely colapse and die.
  • 29/3 (cell biology) when phospholipid molecules are placed simply in an aqueous solution, they spontaneously assemble into bilayers, adopting the same bilayer conformation they take in cell membranes and intracellular membranes
  • 30/3 (metabolism) cells orchestrate their own chemistry. the cellular orchestration of metabolism is directed by genes and ...
jul 19 2020 ∞
jan 2 2021 +
    • when samia sang i'm afraid i need men and mike sang i just want him in my arms and sufjan sang [...] it's only that i still love you deeply, it's all the love i got and THEN katie sang i love you that much anyhow, can't do much about it now. music keeps tearing me apart and putting the pieces back together.
    • delphine (le rayon vert) thinking she has nothing to offer as a person because if she did, someone would've noticed her already
    • when mike said he didn't feel like he existed most of the time, like his experiences didn't feel real and that he felt like he existed and was indeed real like twice in 2019, then fiona sang i got the idea i wasn't real / i thought being blacklisted would be a grist for the mill until i realized I'M STILL HERE
    • when sufjan sang i've lost the will to fight, i was not made for life
    • archy just screaming out I WISH I WAS PEOPLE ! i don't understand what this means but i feel it.
    • more archy lines: nothing is working with me.
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jul 18 2020 ∞
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  • my boyfriend buys my makeup
    • "there's a crying dog behind you" "who is it?"
    • julien wearing a dunder mifflin tshirt and holding four bags to buy makeup @ sephora
    • jenna's green makeup looked pretty cute? also, neon night makeup
  • I buy my boyfriend outfits
    • "we sold our company", "sell all of our stocks" and "hey ladies, do you know where the guys are?"
    • the blue polo shirt is the hottest dad look I have ever seen.
  • my boyfriend buys my outfits
    • jenna looking absolutely BEAUTIFUL with e...
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