• confort food: mocha, anything sweet (mostly cakes and bombs, made out of chocolate and strawberries).
  • comfort smell: vanilla, honey, mocha.
  • comfort things: plants, decoden, magical girl things, grid notebooks, bullet journals + notetaking methods.
  • comfort stims: squishy ball, crunch slime, heart keychain (with lights), notebook spiral hair tie
  • comfort characters: bucky, spock, amy santiago, steven universe.
  • comfort media: los requisitos para ser una persona normal, brooklyn nine nine, steven universe.
  • comfort people: daniel howell , phil lester , megan rhiannon , cat creature , tbhstudying , cheyenne barton
may 18 2017 ∞
sep 30 2018 +
user picture moon: ah, i love this idea! would you mind if i steal it? aug 17 2018
user picture 우주소녀: not at all! feel free to! sorry for the delayed response!! sep 7 2018
user picture moon: ah thank you! :D oct 4 2018
user picture niv: I would like to steal it as well haha! aug 20 2018
user picture 우주소녀: you can as well haha :) sep 7 2018
user picture marcia: oie! usei sua lista de inspiração pra fazer a minha! coloquei sua url no topo pra quem quiser ver a sua, conseguir achar mais fácil. espero que não se importe. ♡ jun 12 2019