• took our fourth exam!
  • we both felt QUESTIONABLE idk how it went. but grades tomorrow ahhh
  • went to the outlet mall with Savannah!
  • got a tour scheduled for one of the houses !!!
  • hung out with the kids!!
  • Quinn wore the scarf i crocheted her today🥰 she said she gets tons of compliments everytime she wears it! made my heart happy
    • said she was excited for her first winter with it!
    • wants mittens
  • saw Jace & Lindsay ! love them
  • went for a run!
  • crocheted for the first time in a looongg time. feels good
  • watched little women and cried. damn it's MOVING
  • talked to peyton for a while !


  • studied A LOT. focused really well
  • mom dyed my hair blonde !!
  • i was grumpy but it's cute. a little orange but better than brown i think hahhahaha maybe
  • looked at houses and found some cute ones w peyton!


  • interesting dream, weird synchronicity moment
  • went for a walk with mom after having a panic attack
  • went for a run! ran 1.20 miles without stopping good girl
  • made myself eggs & grits ! yum
  • got to talk to Jillian on my way to work! we talked about everything it was so nice. she is the best
  • got to work safely


  • went for a nice little walk w mom
  • picked up mom's gift
  • mom made us eggs & i made grits so yummy
  • went for another walk and talked to peyton
  • had a panic attack at work but i survived!
  • love sophie. got to talk to her quite a bit at work!
  • someone filled out my google forms🥰🥰


  • billy's bday today! he liked his tiles i think
  • mom liked the note i made her and she made me one too🥰
  • both billy & mom put my cards on the fridge
  • got to see the whole fam! got to talk to JC for a decent bit
  • i love Lindsay
  • i got to talk to Sav a little bit
  • spent a ton of $$ on christmas gifts but i'm basically done now
  • mom & i played rummy!


  • thanksgiving!!
  • the cakes & pies mary & erin make were so fucking cool. i am so jealous of those sisters they are badass
  • johnny took me around the farm on a golf cart!
  • my puppy package came!
  • mom & i played rummy!


  • went to the GRID
  • peyton & i went to dt charlotte!
  • our cocktails were fantastic
  • i had fun drinking w peyton!


  • did a 3 mile walk!
  • played more wario ware


  • peyton had to work


  • peyton came and got me and we went to the regional market!
  • i did not feel well:( we did not get breakfast out
  • went home and napped
  • played warioware which was a lot of fun!


  • work was nice! didn't seem to be 8 hours to me at all
  • i surprisingly didn't get sleepy during the shift and i actually studied
  • peyton came and got me at 7 !!! so sweet
  • i was hungry and tired so i just wore my scrubs out and we went to a new breakfast place !!!! i LOVE her
    • poppyseed kitchen !! they had a ton of vegetarian/ vegan options. very into it. will go back for sure
  • napped with peyton for a while! a good nap
  • woke up & p was at target so i went for a walk with coco
  • my devil temu stuff came !! i love it though oops :( my phone case & popsocket are so cute. no regrets
  • peyton got me starbucks & flowers <3 <3 so so sweet
  • peyton and i went on a nice long walk on the trail !
  • cuddled and kind of dozed for a while
  • had leftovers ! that pho from pho & sushi is next level i'm obsessed
  • played the new wario ware !!! so so good. had a great time 10/10
  • had to leave to go to work & peyton came again ! we tried to get my pickle fries but failed and got zaxby's fried pickles. they were meh but that's okay !! it was goofy


  • last day of lecture for med surg !!!! yay!!!
  • we got out of class early! 10:45
  • got some christmas gifts for maggie, grace, mom and peyton
  • got nothing but noodles for peyton and i !! it was yummy
  • peyton & i went for a little walk with coco! finished our flower challenge on pikmin
  • peyton bought me sauteed tofu pho from pho & sushi and it was SO GOOD. maybe best i've had
  • went for a run like a good girl
  • gave peyton an early christmas gift-- garfield mug! he is the cutest and best gift receiver. i need to learn from him
  • watched the first 2 episodes of scott pilgrim and it was great!
  • peyton came to work with me to drop me off<3 so sweet
  • did my care plan! don't have to worry about that now


  • last day of clinical THANK GOD
  • gave IV medications for the first time ! made my flush spray a lot straight up. kind of exciting
  • Grace called me on my way home <3
  • i'm liking the outsiders !
  • mom bought me delicious apples
  • had a nice nap
  • wrapped Billy's gift cute
  • peyton got here safe and sound ! cuddled all night


  • class with Savannah ! getting those ATI questions done thank goodness
  • got bagels & potatoes with Savannah !
  • studied & am feeling a bit better about this exam
  • cleaned my room a decent bit
  • ran & went for a nice walk!
  • talked to p before going to bed


  • went to panera w Quinn
  • went to the greenway with Quinn!
  • the horses were out and were letting Quinn pet them she was so happy
  • Billy is okay after surgery
  • went to dinner w JC & the kids and had fun talking to Jace
  • went and got ice cream and they took a picture of us for their social media
  • finished the stranger
  • got 14,000 steps today happy girl
  • made Grace a cute letter


  • got to sleep in today! i don't feel 100% and hopefully sleeping more will help me feel better
  • got some good studying done and coco sat in my lap as i did it
  • had wine night with Sav & Chanty !!! love them
  • Sav gave me the leather jacket<3


  • went for a nice walk with mom !
  • ate a tasty potato w greek potato
  • talked peyton on my way to work
  • working with sweet Kim!
  • got us iced coffees from mcdonalds and she was happy
  • kim said i smelled good and it was light and nice
  • getting mediterranean food for dinner!
  • it was delicious!
  • my grillos pickles were on sale<3
  • went for a walk & got more than 10,000 steps today:)
  • listened to more of the stranger


  • had another day of work! i feel more comfortable & confident every day
  • the nurse told me about peripheral berve stimulators for chronic back and/ or migraine pain bc she had it done for her migraines. i thought this would be awesome for JC's back pain!
  • gave the nurse a built bar and she enjoyed it!
  • went to the mall to make mom happy. nothing called to me but i want to order aerie undies so bad
  • finished sea of tranquility!
  • talked to Grace for a while!
  • started rereading the stranger
  • went for a little walk & run
  • read gooberz and cried again
  • listened to a pisces tarot reading on youtube and she said that my lover is moving toward me quickly so i'm taking that as Peyton will get a great job any second and move here !!!


  • got my first paycheck as a nurse!
  • went thrifting at hospice thrift store
  • ordered temu stuff OOPS but some of it is gifts so that's good
  • studied with Savannah @ kp
  • did my care plan
  • got chinese food the crab ragoons are my fave at china ii
  • ran a mile without stopping even though i hadn't run in a while!
  • read some gooberz and cried, of course


  • clinical was fine
  • Bryan was spitting straight truth about clinical. brave as hell
  • took a nice nap but had a weird dream
    • i was an autistic girl at a college by the ocean and i rollerskated w some other girls. and i had a mean boy roommate and almost drowned? wonder what it means
  • i'm excited to get paid tomorrow
  • talked to Lindsay on Facetime!!!! i love her
  • talked to Jillian for a but too!! will see her during thanksgiving break i think!!
  • talked to peyton on facetime too!! busy girl tn. i felt cute in my lana del rey temu tee😂😭🥰


  • mom wrote me a sweet note and got me gingerbread stamps for my christmas letters !!
  • excited for Quinn's bday party!
  • went to cracker barrel w sav, griffin, billy & mom!!! it was fun!
  • got cute wrapping paper for the kids at dollar tree w Savannah
  • had fun at Quinn's party!
  • loved seeing Johnny & Mary & the mug they got me is so cute
  • Quinn was so sweet and wanted me to sit next to her while we ate cake
  • she liked her books & pikachu bag!
  • JC& Lindsay sent me home w pizza


  • mom packed me a sweet little lunch with a cute note
  • met more people at work that were sweet
  • got nothing but noodles
  • talked to Grace for a while <3
  • walked with savannah


  • first in person day of my new job ! i'm horrified and woke up at 4 am unable to go back to sleep
  • i felt cute today
  • got scrubs at walmart and bought the wrong pair but atill felt cute somehow:)
  • called peyton at 7 am and he calmed me down even though i woke him up
  • jai is the best
  • the kids told me i was pretty <3
  • everyone was so so kind to me
  • i like my new scrubs ! feel cute and comfy
  • i feel really good about this job
  • walked with savannah !


  • went to base camp which was a super cute breakfast place !!
  • had the yummiest cinnamon pancakes
  • went to the square for the 3rd day in a row ! it is so cute.
  • played the community day and peyton got me a shiny at the very last minute!
  • went to a very cute greek place and the eggplant chips were AMAZING but the stuff artichokes we not
  • their bathroom was the most calming place in the world. cute wallpaper and candles glowing. didn't want to leave it
  • drove home safely!
  • mom got me beautiful flowers!!! mums


  • woke up feeling good !!
  • went back to the square & went to the market
  • peyton took us to his favorite little vegan stand and got some yummy cauliflower crust pizzas and jackfruit tamales
  • went to target & got my wrapping paper for christmas
  • got quinn some roald dahl books for her bday at 2nd & charles
  • thrifted and got a cute off white denim jacket!
  • got twisted taco dinner with peyton's parents ! love that place
  • went to charles' and maureen's and their fire and had fun !
  • played pikmin 4 w p <3


  • studied with Savannah @ Panera
  • a couple was MAKIng OUT at panera. what a sight
  • listened to tarot readings & how to read tarot card videos on my way
  • got to Peyton's safely
  • went to marietta market !
  • went to this bar that had karaoke night
  • someone sang PEACHES from the mario movie and they were a phenomenal singer honestly
nov 8 2023 ∞
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