it doesn't have to be toxic, as long as you don't let it

  • helped me get a free brilliant bicycle from england (if i got 100 people to sign up for their mailing list)
  • won the sarah dessen book giveaway by posting on their forum
  • sold a lot of my clothes on facebook in high school and mercari in college
  • found out i had a lot of similar interests to people (music, books, movies) after seeing what they liked and shared on social media, leading to new and stronger friendships
  • was able to write a lot of the feelings that i couldn't convey out loud through public speaking to people and to clubs when i transferred schools
  • able to keep in touch with friends and family from different countries
  • gave me writing, style, and lifestyle inspiration from reading blogs and youtube videos
  • helped find a bunch of organizations and events on campus
  • helped me understand political/social issues that i did not have much knowledge of before (human trafficking, election, police brutality)
  • introduced me to sustainability, minimalism, and feminism
  • win giveaways on insta for clothes
  • meet cool people from australia, vegas, etc
  • meet my close friends jessie & michi
  • meet and connect with frances

insta collabs

  • shop the selected shirt (giveaway)
  • random nail polish (giveaway)
  • grace and stella products
  • milk and eggs groceries x4
  • white with style
  • jord watch
  • members only jacket
  • white with style
  • r&co hair
  • vonshef
  • ideal of sweden
  • miniso
  • bumble bizz
  • ideal of sweden
  • uprising brand
  • tyli/andro photos
  • free ramen
  • caseapp


  • aaja convention philly
  • aaja convention NYC
dec 1 2015 ∞
oct 6 2019 +