• interviewed at news station (first interview!)
  • settled my $700 debt with jdmls
  • read communion by bell hooks
  • shadowed rob and made good standup
  • pitched article to mochi
  • pitched article to rites of passage
  • refunded topshop, sephora, baldoria
  • volunteered at dt womens center
  • went on date at rossoblu and le neant


  • had my first on air coaching session
  • read 5 books
    • the politics of promotion
    • the well spoken woman- guide to looking and sounding your best
    • wait and see
    • nice girls don't get the corner office
    • breaking into the broadcast industry
    • communion- bell hooks
  • going to taiwan to see grandparents
  • paid off 1 out of two credit cards

things to do soon

  • read 5 books
  • record a fake cut in
  • memorize two songs word for word from hamilton
  • pay off my paypal debt
  • pay off my credit card debt
  • on camera training session
  • improve reel with deeper voice
  • publish an article
jan 21 2019 ∞
feb 16 2019 +