• JW car parade (with standup)
  • IESB hard of hearing (no standup)
  • St Luke's scrubs (at home standup)
  • St Marks reopens (with standup)
  • Maverick car agency giving away leases (with standup)
  • restaurants open after the pandemic (with standup)
  • scooter story (standup only)
  • quinns pond (pkg)
  • parks reopen (pkg)


  • blm protests (pkg)
  • bars reopening (standup only)
  • child marriage (+plus KATU)
  • JJ tylee vigil (PKG)
  • BLM protest at city hall (PKG)
  • bishop kelly grad


  • fireworks liveshots
  • chef gee

CNN newsource packages

  • child marriage (+plus KATU)
  • stages of reopening idaho (no standup)
  • biking marathon around boise during covid
  • idaho air national guard reunite with families


  • rv living
  • air national guard returns
  • school crowding
  • idaho gardens
  • west ada protests
  • fire live shots/lucky peak
  • In journalism, a human-interest story is a feature story that discusses a person, or people, or a pet in an emotional way.[1] It presents people and their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way that brings about interest, sympathy or motivation in the reader or viewer. Human-interest stories are a type of soft news.[2]


  • TROMP BSU live shot
  • WEST ADA outside albertsons live shot
  • good live intro for fire story
  • scaffolding loose liveshot 9&10
  • anti mask rally
  • rbg pkg
  • childcare teachers/moms leaving pkg
  • emmett firefighter
  • bilingual bus
  • meridian park shooting


  • vp debate
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