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19, Philippines

This is my very own time capsule of thoughts and memories encapsulated in words and letters, after years and years i will be looking back in these writings I've done and be able to evoke past feelings and memories.

I and this mystery here we stand.
- "Song of Myself" - Walt Whitman

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  • The ability of idea to influence mankind
  • Murder, are we capable?
  • The Various faces of loyalty
  • Living in a dream, the endless possibilities in our brains
  • Maturity, a process
  • Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Primal fears
  • Education, need or a want
  • The extent of curiosity
  • We are judges
  • Faith or Reason
  • Heroes and where to find them
  • Pureblood Ideology
  • Feigning Ignorance
  • Seeing and Seeking
  • Council of Nicaea
  • For the Greater Good
  • A letter to JK Rowling
  • Holocaust
  • Lies
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