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the four seasons

  • winter: the longest hugs where they refuse to let go, soft music in the background, sleeping on your shoulder in the car, eyes full of stories, long conversations about the meaning of life in the darkness, sentimental objects and words from the right person can comfort them, they can act emotionless but they melt in your arms, temptation to stay in bed during the daylight and stay awake until dawn, they make you appreciate midnights and find love in silent moments.

moon phases

  • waxing gibbous moon: anticipation for tomorrow, earphones in to relax, wild imagination, midnight storms, restlessness, talking on the phone in bed, checking the fridge at 1am.
  • waxing crescent moon: lighting candles, keeping a journal by your bed, wishing on shooting stars, the sound of rain against a window, violet tones, lucky charms.


  • rain: eyes full of emotion, good with words, a bit unpredictable, very unique, prefers loose clothing, melancholy smiles, doesn’t open up easily, inherently believes that everyone has some good in them, thoughtful.
  • fog: expert poker face, intelligent, witty sense of humour, either doesn’t trust someone at all or would die for them, hardly smiles, very closed off.

stars edition

  • pulsar: tangled earphones, listens to others but never opens up about themselves, dark skies, writes reminders on their hands, gives warm hugs, always takes the window seat, plays animal crossing, eats ice cream in winter.
  • blue giant: hotheaded at times, uses post-it notes to mark their favorite parts in books, writes very long birthday texts, sometimes forgets to bring the house keys, always recommends the best tv shows, will link arms with others unexpectedly, likes to have long conversations at night, keeps putting others first.
  • polar: searches for chill playlists on youtube, always forgets to take off their shoes before walking inside, uses all kinds of emojis, likes carrying out random acts of kindness, wonders if others miss them too, can count on them to always carry tissues, will imagine entire story plots before falling sleep, keeper of secrets.

pretty things in the sky

  • aurora borealis: spends most of the day in headphones, mind is always in the clouds, lover of arts, very sensitive, unravels philosophical ideas in casual conversations, gives warm hugs, knows a lot of interesting facts for some reason, understands you completely when you’re feeling really down.
  • supermoon: keeper of secrets, overhears strangers’ conversations a lot, loves soft animals, neon lights, old train tickets at the bottom of a bag, lying awake and wondering if someone misses them too, smoky night skies, fiery emotions, doesn’t tell anyone anything, aloof but softies when no one is around.
  • meteor shower: postcard from old cities, dreams about new experiences and cities, often wonders about the meaning of love and life, always changing like a chameleon, loves everyone, very wise and gives good advice but feels lost in their own life sometimes, believes that home is not a place but a concept

people i've fallen for

  • a piece of the moon: philosophical talks at 3am, alcohol, dancing to slow music, oversized sweaters, glasses, texting, wishes they had more time for reading, always sleepy, good grades, gets attached too easily.
  • the leader: mountains and misty forests, curly hair and wild eyes, a desire to learn new things, loud voice and louder laugh, travelling, dreams to be a writer, constantly looking out for other people, kind, just wants to be happy.

bts stans

  • yoongi stans: old souls, reserved but have the kindest hearts, great at detecting lies, thinks they’re not enough, keeps a lot of secrets, always knows when you’re feeling down.
  • namjoon stans: doing their best, knows you better than you know yourself, soft hugs, overthinks everything, never knows what’s going on, lost about the future but still optimistic.
  • jungkook stans: shy but loud af with their friends, won’t tell you when they’re sad, easily gets excited about things, afraid of disappointing people, highly ambitious, zero impulse control.


  • art: sharpening a pencil by hand, warm mint tea, paper bags, sitting and watching the sun go down, wandering around art galleries, being alone in an art studio, listening to quiet music, a brush rasping across a new canvas.
  • photography: the crunch of dry leaves, placing birdhouses in a tree, thick woolen scarves, taking the train for two hours straight, volunteering at an animal shelter, sipping coffee from a travel mug.
  • writing: pots of ink, dusting bookshelves, handwritten love notes, plates of chocolate biscuits with mugs of tea, the soft scratch of a quill on paper, the crackling of a hearth, music playing through a gramophone.
  • dancing: warm laughter on a cold day, the peace of an empty stage, headphones under a beanie, chocolate chips melting on the tongue, familiar music echoing from a speaker

mornings things

  • rosy sunlight: waking up unexpectedly early, enjoying the peaceful silent, laying in bed and just thinking, messy buns, the calm before the storm, deciphering your dreams, peach tones.
  • alarm clock: waking up late, no makeup, coffee to wake you up, cold feet, falling back asleep when there’s a moment, cloudy skies, heavy eyelids.

hours of the day

  • 11pm: scented candles, unwanted nostalgia, existential questions, sadness without reason, sitting in the dark and watching the stars, associating songs with past lovers, soft heart, oversized jumpers.
  • 10am: soft blankets, lover of routine, acoustic songs, good grades, bullet journals, pastels and plants, sweet coffee, freshly baked bread, cat washi tape, cozy apartment, long winter coats over turtle neck jumpers, tote bags
  • 1pm: yellow socks, doodles, doc martens, strawberries in the garden, sunflower daydreams, pictures of clouds and best friends, a handful of flowers, peach slices, paint smears on clothes

aesthetic french words

  • murmure (soft-spoken words): loves the moon, soft spoken, hates arguments but will straight up murder for their friends, the person everyone confides their fears & secrets to.
  • éphémère (which does not last): can’t ever make up their mind, 3432 unanswered messages on their phone, listens to a lot of different music, always longing for something.
  • effleurer (to lightly brush against): gives the best hugs, makes playlists when they’re sad, brushes off compliments, the mom friend, has probably watched all the ghibli movies

cute nicknames

  • angel: a little quiet, kind-hearted, rarely feels like they belong, wants to befriend woodland creatures, loves cherries and sunsets, always feels nostalgic.
  • honey: knows how to comfort you, cries during sad movies, always a little sleepy, easily distracted by dogs, admires pretty things, loves the moon.
  • darling: loves long conversations, has a notebook full of words and art, likes art museums and flower gardens, feels a bit lost all the time, deep thinker.

colors of sunset

  • pink: soft-spoken, just wants to read books and listen to music, likes long car rides, has a million interests but bad at managing time, understands others more than themselves, gets depressing thoughts but tries to be happy, avoids everything.
  • sapphire: wants to dye their hair, probably keeps a bullet journal, top of the class, likes makeup, tends to ignore feelings until they burst, wants to learn everything, expert procrastinators, hard on themselves but patient with other people, good writers.


  • moonlight: sleep deprived af, genius ideas at 2:00 am, constantly underestimated, tangled earbuds, pretends like they don’t care but actually cares a lot, unscented candles.
  • stars: has no idea what they’re doing 167% of the time, artsy, string lights everywhere, loves fuzzy socks and blankets, probably wears space buns

pretty words

  • demure (adj.) (reserved, modest, or shy): reserved, modest, or shy: hiding smiles behind hands, peeking through fingers, being concealed behind old and worn books, large sweaters that cover the hands, curling up on the side of the sofa, softly tracing shapes over skin, looking through fallen hair.
  • tintinnabulation (n.) ( a ringing or tinkling sound): a ringing or tinkling sound: fairies flying under treetops, the chime of a bell at the door, sounds of the creek nearby, wind chimes softly moving in the breeze, the notification sound of a loved one, sparkling shoes and twinkling eyes, the sounds of the stars.
  • limerence (n.) the state of being infatuated with another person: fond eyes and staring a tad too long, daydreams together, soft kisses, wanting to be next to them again, memorizing hidden details and prominent features, the comfort of their scent, fluttering eyelashes
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