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  • a body part: eyes
  • a book: aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe
  • a color: blue
  • an element: air
  • a music: work song by hozier
  • a movie: before sunrise
  • a number: 7
  • a fruit: apple
  • a scent: freshly brewed coffee
  • a character: andrew minyard
  • an animal: dog/cat
  • a band: the maine
  • a musical instrument: piano
  • a season: winter
  • a month: november
  • a kind of weather: rainy
  • a planet: pluto
  • a quote: “you will open your wounds and make them a garden.”
  • a feeling: trust
  • a verb: to love
  • an emotion: sadness
  • a word: empathy
  • a taste: wine
  • a place: bookstore
  • a day of the week: saturday
  • an hour: 6 p.m.
  • an object a postcard
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jul 24 2020 +
user picture sarah celeste: this is lovely! do you mind if I do this? I'll credit you, of course aug 24 2019
user picture gabes: thank you, sweetie!!! and feel free to do so, i don't mind at all <3