likes ▻ yarn; formula 1; the hippopotamus; tarot cards; roses; extraterrestrials; dreams; lists; airplanes; outer space; pokémon; playing cards; cats; cannabis; the color pink; nascar; music from the 1960s; the coelacanth; postcards; cinnamon; deep ocean; art museums; etymology; cicadas; hexagons; cryptids; chocolate covered pretzels; science fiction; vampires; cover songs; conspiracy theories; limes; palm trees; pink sky sunrise; honey bees

dislikes ▻ tangled yarn; wet tissues; summertime; alcohol; the smell of freshly cut grass; parties; centipedes; potatoes; kangaroos; nails on chalkboards; milk; petrichor; impressionism; canids; parsley; jealousy; cherries; being patient; apes; chewing gum; humidity; dark mode; the smell after a candle is extinguished

jun 13 2023 ∞
feb 23 2024 +