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My name's Greta and I'm 32 years old. I live in the state of Tennessee in the USA. I have various different interests and express them through my profiles. I ran the Riot Grrrl Online website: but it is now located here: and my Twitter:

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  • Twenty-five percent of the world – one person in four is an introvert. Much of society seems to tell us that this is a bad thing, that there is something wrong with people who are quiet and leed rich internal lives. This simply isn’t true.
  • An introvert is someone who finds being with people drains them of energy, and who finds they need to recharge by being on their own. That's all it is. It doesn’t imply there is anything wrong with you – in fact quite the opposite, being an introvert means you have the skills needed to cope with isolation and solitude – situations which drive 3 out of every four people you meet mad.
  • In fact, I tend to think saying you either are or are not an introvert can be a little misleading. It isn’t that we need to have people around us all the time, or we want to lock ourselves away on our own for eternity. Everyone needs some amount of company to energize themselves and some amount of solitude to energize themselves. It's just that people labeled introverts need more of the solitude.
  • Being an introvert is only about what tires you out, and what charges you up. Shyness is a common symptom, because introverts don’t tend to spend as much of their youth learning to socialize. They tend to have better things to do – often in their heads.
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