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My name's Greta and I'm 32 years old. I live in the state of Tennessee in the USA. I have various different interests and express them through my profiles. I ran the Riot Grrrl Online website: but it is now located here: and my Twitter:

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My likely Enneagram tritype is: 9-5-2 and my likely Enneagram tritype with wings is: 9w1-5w4-2w1

Your overall type preference is: type 9 (9w1) first, type 5 (5w4) second, and type 2 (2w1) third.

Your dominant body-based type is type 9 (9w1) Your dominant heart-based type is type 2 (2w1) Your dominant head-based type is type 5 (5w4)

Source: and more info:

With this said, I guess I’m a 9w1.

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