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user picture MmmJulia: 1) i LOVE use somebody. 2) you commented on my list asking why i was upset that the band parachute was signed to island def jam, and since i hadn't checked my listography in a while, i just got the comment. i figured i'd answer you here so you could see the answer, haha. 3) i'm upset because my favorite band (hanson, if you couldn't tell by my page) ended up signed to them through mergers. because of a lot of creative differences between the label and the band (mainly, idj is a hip-hop label and wanted hanson to make some really commercial pop album), hanson got out of their deal and ended up starting their own label, 3CG records. they ended up putting out the album they had wanted, the WAY they wanted, after about 4 years of hell. oh, not to mention that it is the highest-selling independent release EVER in history. and songs that idj hated made it way up there on the pop charts, too, not just the indie charts. so i'm afraid that the band parachute will sort of be forced into creative submission and not have the will-power that hanson did to keep their own creativity strong. 4) i know a lot about the industry, not just about the hanson-related drama :D 4) i know a lot about hanson in general, haha. 5) sorry for the novel, but you asked, and i just HAD to give you a proper answer!!! take care jul 6 2009
user picture Pam: wowzers! long listography comment ever! but thanks for the answer.
user picture Mallory: Use Somebody always makes me cry, as well! aug 13 2009
user picture Freja: oh yea, Skinny Love is really touching. aug 28 2009
user picture Rhiannon: Oh, how I LOVE Kings of Leon!! dec 14 2009