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it's true, i am a great hybrid of my parents

  • i am inherently stubborn (mom)
  • i am willing to compromise for the sake of civility (dad)
  • i love to dance (mom)
  • i have a great love of literature and appreciation of literacy (both read for pleasure)
  • i have a great sense of humor (dad)
  • i possess a fantastic sense of direction (dad)
  • family is ridiculously important to me (both are close with their parents and siblings)
  • i am on average late to many things but will make an effort to be on time for important events (mom - dad is so punctual it hurts)
  • i inherited the mothering (mom) and hands-off approach (dad) gene - this has been hard to balance
  • i value my independence for more than its worth and will fight for it incessantly (both)
  • i can usually be described as an easy-going person with a flair for congenality (dad)
  • i am master at filling up my plate quickly and can't imagine not being busy (mom)
  • i can plow through an all-nighter to complete what i need to (mom)
  • i am ridiculously patient (both)
  • i am meticulous in my work (both)
  • i am a people person (both)
  • i have the ability to pick up on new tasks and responsibilities well and fast (dad)
  • i can look at the details at hand (mom) and also visualize the bigger picture (dad)
  • i have the pleasure of being able to pass out anywhere (dad)
  • sometimes i trust people too fast upon meeting them because i have a deep faith that humans are good (dad)
  • i take precautions in things or people that i get a red flag to, a gut feeling if you will (mom)
  • i love kids (both)
  • i am accountable for my actions and what the consequences may be as a result (mom)
  • i think about all angels when trying to approach a problem, but also can think on my feet when needed (dad)
  • i am an ultimate planner (mom, but i somehow amplify this x1000)
  • i can 'shut down' when i am feeling extremely frustrated or angry (mom)
  • i use humor to deviate away from a high-tensed situation, and also as a coping mechanism (dad)
  • i am highly observant (both)
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