user picture lena: i absolutely hate you for this list. why? because i clicked on vox. and then realized, that i had to get one. i now have a vox because of you. jan 22 2008
user picture jenz: yeah!!! :) i quite like them, one of the better blogging services out there for sure.
user picture Erin: I had a Vox as well but it really loads very slowly on my PC :( apr 27 2008
user picture jenz: oh no! that's a bummer. i really like vox, but i think livejournal and diaryland will always have special places in my heart too. may 13 2008
user picture cakemix: this is a great list and again you are my muse honey - i'm going to start one of these too! (but not now, too tired) nov 24 2009
user picture jenz: hahaha. i live on teh interwebz dec 3 2009