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"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"But if you tame me,...

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as if i wasn't already weird as it was...

  • i am the most logical and emotional person i know. they often fight in my head on who's right.
  • when i take public transit on the ground, i have to sit near a exit, but when i fly i have to have a window seat, and when i'm on a boat i prefer to be on the deck.
  • i wear my heart on my sleeve more times than i care to admit. it is cause for maybe more trouble than it could be worth, but man, the stories and the lessons.
  • i use my teeth to put on bras. think about that one.
  • the only reason that dopey from snow white and the seven dwarves is my favorite disney character? when i was in elem school my family and i went to disneyland, and he came up and hugged me during the electric light parade. several years later when i found out that my favorite backstreet boy AJ was dopey in a grade school production, i knew it was meant to be.
  • i write fairly fast, have a good memory, and ask fun questions; pretty nice tools to have being a journalist as well as someone to hang out with.
  • every time i hear the opening notes of "under pressure" by david bowie, i always secretly hope that it's really "ice ice baby" by vanilla ice. every. time. i hope one day this fucking comes true.
  • i can't do the "spock" signal with my fingers, and i desperately wish sometimes i could. should i do finger push ups?
  • i am what you call an "active watcher" when it comes to movies. i'm really expressive when i watch films: sinking back in my chair when the suspense is high, gasping, or on a handful of occasions, screaming. most of my friends say this is way entertaining to watch and sometimes will watch me for a few minutes instead of the actual movie!
  • when i go out to eat, i try to order stuff i can't make at home. somehow it makes me feel a little better that i'm spending money.
  • i have an unhealthy crush on bob saget.
  • when i go around the corner from my house to walk up the hill to my bus stop, i take a deep breath and suck in the air between my lips. it usually helps determine how windy the day will be.
  • i wash my glasses every time i take a shower.
  • i read the last page in books before i begin my quest to drink in the whole thing. i usually don't remember the ending when i get to it though, so it's like a surprise, all over!
  • i think i lucid dream. i have a pretty vivid imagination that translates when i sleep, and as a result i have some crazy dreams with different characters who would not have known each other in real life. i don't dream every night, but i remember most when i wake up.
  • my need to be independent and feel so is strongly linked to my pride.
  • i drink hot chocolate to make myself calm when i am stressed out. something about it totally soothes me.
  • a trick i occassionally do: if i am not inclined to listen to someone speak, i will peer at them from over the tops of my glasses to make it -look- like i am paying attention! zing!
  • sometimes if i am not interested in telling someone my name (i.e. shady dude on the bus), i will usually give my middle name (lauren)! other favorites include madeleine and catalina.
  • every time i go to sparky's, i eat the strawberry ones out of the jam caddy at the table. i don't know why, but it's a habit i've had ever since moving to sf.
  • i tie my shoes like this - also, there are 17 ways you can tie those suckers, according to this site - who knew.
  • i grab newspapers from the middle of the stack out of street kiosks - somehow it makes me feel like they are fresher?
  • i like to complete questionnaires, online like on myspace or take surveys. i also really like to fill out paperwork, like when i get a new job or have to fill out official forms. there is something so mysteriously satisfying about penning your information neatly on a form, and it looking perfect...
  • i don't wear jewelry that competes with my chest tattoo, nor do i wear hanging earrings (they bother me soooo much).
  • i am blessed to have clear and healthy skin, but i don't use any makeup remover - i usually just either wash my face normally and/or rub the eye makeup off with my fingers.
  • i've never had any childhood diseases - mumps, measles, chicken pox et al (neither has my brother). the extent of my hospital visits has been for a sore throat.
  • i always shave my right leg first in the shower.
  • i think ketchup is pointless. team mustard.
  • i rub my feet together when i'm cold much like i was trying to start a fire.
  • when i get nervous, i play with the piercings in my ears. all 14 of them.
  • if i get anxious, i pull the hair out of my forearms. it doesn't hurt, but there are small bald spots where i did it habitually.
  • despite the fact i have 14 piercings and three tattooes, i am absolutely petrified of needles.
  • i pour in hot chocolate first, hot water second.
  • nine times out of ten i will never cross a street without waiting for the sign to turn white.
  • i really hate to get my hands dirty while eating, so i avoid greasy food and things i'd have to eat with my fingers; i'll eat it with a fork and knife instead. but, i'm more than willing to get my hands, fingers, and under my nails dirty for art or active participation events. i love sticking my hands in developer and using my fingers to smudge ink on printmaking materials.
  • i am really ocd about cleanliness to the point where i have to do dishes immediately or right after food consumption. i also like having one sponge for the sink and countertops, and another for dishes.
  • if i am wearing pants, i put my socks and shoes on while the pants are stil unbuttoned, and then fasten them when i finish bending over to stand up.
  • if i see someone has called but not left a message, i don't call them back because i haven't been specified to, though obviously i was getting called for a reason.
jul 4 2006 ∞
may 14 2010 +
user picture Bella: for #4 I always have to call people back! even if its a # I dont know! I just wana know what they want!!! haha and here is something for you to make up for me dissing Johnny. enjoy ;) jul 5 2006
user picture jenz: YUM! jul 6 2006
user picture Veronica: chicken fries are finger lickin' good though! nov 2 2006
user picture jenz: YOU'RE finger lickin' good though! why didn't we hit up BK when we were at bootie? oh, wait... feb 18 2007
user picture cakemix: i always shave my right leg first too but i prefer baths not showers...i always get my hair wet when i bend over!
user picture jenz: are you right handed?
user picture cakemix: yup! you?
user picture jenz: yes...we probably have an intrinsic inclination to the right sides of our bodies!
user picture cakemix: i usually bate right handed...
user picture jenz: FTW!
user picture C: the smell of burnt matches that developer leaves on my fingers is comforting. and god, i wish i had just one piercing. jun 10 2007
user picture jenz: developer always always comforts me too...come to think of it, that smell is pretty terrible. and having one piercing is boring, let's not kid around
user picture C: well, my mother's kinda . . . even the traditional pierced earlobes disgust her.
user picture lisa: i'm there with you on #3. i just went last year and got the chicken pox vaccine because i was nervous about getting them as an adult. the vaccine was easy :-) jun 20 2007
user picture jenz: i should really look into my medical history - my mom likes to brag all the time about how we didn't get sick as babies, but i'm like, as adults it would blow harder! ah! jun 21 2007
user picture e.: I had the same hair color 2 years ago. Everyone called me Mermaid for about 6 months. I had really long feux-dreads. jun 23 2007
user picture jenz: that sounds so awesome! i don't have any nicknames unfortunately...or at least not yet.
user picture shannon: I love #9. And #10! and bizarre how affecting #4 is to everyone. but I'll get on the bandwagon. Today, while in the gym, I was conscious for the first time of which leg I shave first (also the right, always the right). jun 27 2007
user picture jenz: we are all weird in our way! jun 30 2007
user picture katia: haha, totally with you on #2 and filling up forms. and #13! jun 12 2008
user picture Amsyy: Everytime I hear the notes of the beginning of Ice Ice Baby, I hope it's Under Pressure. It never is. Looks like we're having an opposite problem. xD may 13 2010