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let it be known if i could re-do my holes that were done in a mall, i would...i was probably lazy that day to trek out

  • piercing: lobes, pair, first holes (1996 - claire's in oakridge; san jose, CA. mom took me and we got shakes afterwards)
  • piercing: lobes, pair, second holes (2001 - unsure location. mom also took me)
  • piercing: labret, left corner (june '03 - tim at mr. zebra; berkeley, CA. wendy accompanied me on BART to and from)
  • piercing: lobes, pair, third holes (aug '03 - tim at mr. zebra; berkeley, CA. went with lissa on my 19th birthday to get holepunched)
  • piercing: helix, right ear (jan '04 - claire's in stonestown; san francico, CA. lissa also got the same piercing to commemorate our best friend-ness)
  • tattoo: radiohead "against demons" star, inner right wrist (aug 28, 2004 - marcus at anubis warpus; san francisco, CA. lissa took pictures, stuart held my hand, regina got her nipples pierced)
  • piercing: lobes, pair, fourth holes (feb '05 - tim at mr. zebra; berkeley, CA. brandon held my hand)
  • piercing: triagus, left ear (feb '06 - oscar at body manipulations; san francisco, CA. brandon almost died when he held my hand this time)
  • piercing: second helix, under first one on right ear (apr '06 - holly at affleck's palace; manchester, UK. i couldn't convert the gauges from what i knew them as in america, so this piercing is bigger than all the other ones on this ear. martin held my hand)
  • tattoo: victrola with music heart notes, right side of chest (aug 28, 2006 - mikal at black & blue tattoo; san francisco, CA. kristin and her friend colleen wonderfully distracted me for the hour and a half i was under the needle)
  • piercing: helix, left ear (nov '06 - christopher at body manipulations; san francisco, CA. kim and i were spontaneous this day)
  • tattoo: four star branch off with swirls, right inner forearm (oct 28, 2007 - diego at picture machine; san francisco, CA. lissa went to grab us late night dinner at 1 AM and he finished in 20 minutes)
  • (re-)piercing: left lobe 4th hole (dec 17, 2007 - melissa at pierced out; san jose, CA. it had closed and i had been meaning to get it repierced. i yelped it and mom stood there horrified as i got a needle thrust thru skin. the needle also stretched the hole to a 18g)
  • piercing: helix, right ear, under my other two helixes (apr 13, 2008 - paul at body manipulations; san francisco, CA. the owner was super sweet and complimented me on my cute/awesome ears, as well that i healed well. what a compliment :)
  • stretching: bottom pair in lobes (may 19, 2008 - christopher at body manipulations; san francisco, CA. i actually was either going to get a barbell in my right fourth hole, or a new lip ring jewelry piece, but i decided to bite the bullet and get it finally done! a little bit of burn and ache, different feeling from a piercing, but i love them - 10 gauge silver eyelet flares)
  • stretching: right lobe 4th hole (july 2009 - eldo at body manipulations; san francisco, CA. i'd lost a plug after a trip (but not while on it?), so i had to go in to get a new one. not only did the hole close enough in 24 hours to merit a restretching, i also decided to put in a 18g bar bell into my right lobe 4th hole, of which had been pierced with a regular needle. two stretchings in one sitting, sorta rough)
  • tattoo: "you're my love within" line of script, left inner forearm (jan 8, 2009 - danny at evil from the needle; london, UK. i was late for our 11 AM appt and was out ten to noon. very simple text but graceful. i winced the whole time while looking out onto high camden road)
  • piercing: helix, left ear, under my sole one (jul 19, 2009 - natasha at andromeda; new york city, new york. laura and i were returning from arepas dinner and the hot venezuelan server when two people sitting on a couch on a sidewalk suggested i get pierced. she held my hand. not proud to say i was tipsy from drinking all day, but getting holepunched at 11 pm in a different city? awesome)
  • tattoo: typewriter with the word "truth" being typed, above right elbow (sept 27, 2009 - siri at black and blue tattoo; san francisco. she squeezed me in for consult + inking session, susan came to talk to me as i lied down pretty much face first for an hour and a half. i can't wait for the second part on my left arm to balance it out!)
  • piercing: helix, left ear, on top of the other two (mar 2010 - ryan at golden apple studios; austin, TX. it was here while i was at sxsw that i decided body modifications are gonna be the atlas to my travels on my body. this might have been the most positive piercing experience i have ever had, and also the only one where i layed down for the procedure. i felt very comfortable and wish this shop was in SF!)
  • tattoo: "J" woodcut-style initial, inner left wrist (aug 8, 2010 - greg at double crossed tattoo; san francisco. friend of kristin's who so happened to squeeze me in at the end of his appts for the day. i miss late night inking!)
  • tattoo: bat, left ankle facing outward (oct 31, 2010 - greg at double crossed tattoo; san francisco. josh and i got matching bats for sibling love during a $20 special on tattoos for halloween. silly, but cute! it was during a short time i got to live in the same city as my brother.)
  • stretching: bottom three holes in each ear (december 28, 2010 - gary at body m; san francisco. after losing my plugs from my surgery in july, i had my bottom lobe holes restretched to a 10g after having 12g jewelry in. i also finally bit the bullet and had orbitals put through my second and third holes in each ear, stretched to a 18g. i think my ears are now mostly complete and look cute with subtle jewelry all around!)
  • tattoo: rolleiflex camera, above left elbow (may 23, 2011 - siri at old crow tattoo; oakland. i followed her here from black & blue so she could do the other 'twin.' the amount of detail that is in this thing absolutely wins in how much it also cost. this is also the only piece i've gotten where i swelled pretty badly and had to tenderly get dressed for a few days after)
  • tattoo: scuffy the tugboat, inside of right ankle (october 31, 2011 - italo ganni, san francisco. i happened to be perusing CL for something else and caught his ad. i liked his portfolio lots and saw he was doing a halloween special, so in keeping with tradition my brother and i got matching tattoos of one of our favorite children's storybook characters. my grays in the ink are a bit more soft, and josh's are more thick, but it still looks amazing with each of our color variations)
  • tattoo: heart hug, behind my right ear (february 14, 2012 - mom's body shop, san francisco. mom's was doing a stop aids fundraiser where if you got ink from a flash sheet, all the proceeds would benefit the foundation. spencer and i had just started dating, and i think it's really funny that we went to get tattoos on this day of love. my brother also came with too, so it wasn't totally lovey dovey. we ate at memphis minnie's while our number was being processed, and we all got a variation of a heart in honor of valentine's day)

sometime in 2004/05 i got my lip piercing stretched from 14g to 12g.

next tattoos to tackle:

  • "J"
  • bridges
  • "bachelorette" inspiration
  • above elbows (second half!)

still considering:

  • TLP inspiration
  • foot
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