books i'd like:

  • "la chappelleland," by david la chappelle - ADD color and celebrities are always a good mix
  • "dreams and shadows: photographs 1945-1950," by stanley kubrik - he was actually a pretty remarkable photographer
  • "car crashes and other sad stories," by mell kilpatrick - how something tragic could be so sickingly beautiful is so inspiring
  • "just kids," by patti smith (partner robert mapplethorpe)
  • 'grunge' by michael lavine
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user picture Mick O: Isn't la chapelle overhyped a few orders of magnitude? dec 6 2007
user picture jenz: i like him mostly because (a) he gets celebrities to do weird shit and (b) i am a color fag. for a commercial photographer, he's pretty amazing integrating his art component into it.