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"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"But if you tame me,...

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  • june - first dyed my hair black, upkept black until -
  • nov - dyed black like regular, bleached some streaks, then manic panic'ed streaks red (looked more deep pink)


  • upkept pinkred through end of may
  • june 2 - bleached all of hair (hour and a half), then dyed it copper red auburn (hour) for mom's graduation
  • june 3 - re-bleached hair to get missed spots (hour), then dyed with splat red (almost two and a half hours) for fire engine red hair
  • july 27 - rebleached roots (hour), slight bleach on top layer, dyed all over with splat red (hour and a half) - comes out slightly more pink than red, but passable - fades to more pink
  • august 22 - rebleached roots (hour), slight bleach on top layer, dyed all over with splat red (two hours) - comes out more maroon red
  • sept 11 - touched up with splat red (one hour), comes out red like the listography color option...just the way i like it, also a rich color. reminder though: wear gloves next time.
  • sept 30 - dyed burgundy plum pink dark chocolate black color - i think i look more attractice with dark hair, but i miss the wild ness of the redpink
  • nov 13 - ran splat red through hair; end result is like a tinge of plum and red in one, with a dark undertone
  • dec 14 - ran splat red through hair; red is much more prevalent and a little maroon/wine


  • feb 17 - bleached hair with l'oreal super blonde; missed some spots, hair turned pink in others. ran splat red through hair, we're back to the red as a fire truck again!
  • mar 5 - touched up with splat red, in particular roots; is this not sticking as well as it should??
  • mar 22 - suz retouched my roots, some little spots missing, but applied a new coat of splat red and my hair is now a consistent color...yessss
  • may 7 - bella brought my roots all to a bleach, and then did a "cherrybomb" red - i am in love! it's more red red than the pink
  • aug 2 - decided red might need to rest for a bit; dyed it l'oreal blue black, light shimmer; also cut hair, very short in back, sideswept bangs. so cute and yet so terrifying/liberating for this shortness!
  • sept 11 - maintenance cut; tried to dye with cheap red from chinatown, turned my roots light brown. smattered blue splat over, now i have a midnight blue theme going on! blue hair is kinda fun
  • nov 1 - the roots started to show badly, so i re-dyed the black and did some trimming in the process of my bangs and by my neck. will add the blue soon so it can soak in!
  • dec 25 - trimmed the back and middle to have more of a round shape to head; left bangs alone!


  • early february - dyed it an auburn color, which turned my roots a reddish brown and two-toned in some other areas
  • late february - cut backside for hipster haircut, kept the bangs
  • apr 3 - dyed a red on top, only turned roots a moderate maroon; cut some of backside, kept bangs, but a little uneven
  • may 1 - cut undersides, trimmed bangs SLIGHTLY
  • june 11 - cut backside, dyed blue with splat; black undertones, but i got blue hairs!
  • july 14 - red is always gonna be my color, so i asked suz to do the splat; we bleached and did the red, and i trimmed my backside and a little of my bangs before the dyeing. i love having red hair!
  • aug 16 - renew of the red; roots are coming in, but now i have darker red than a pink color!
  • nov 14 - rebleach, redye with splay - hello red!
  • nov 16 - cut back, kept bangs
  • dec 20 - retouched with red splat, cut back, kept bangs


  • jan 27 - dyed red with xxl color from london; raspberry chocolate color, way darker than anticipated!
  • feb 23 - cut backside of hair short short
  • mar 4 - dyed balsam clairol black, holy shit i forgot how dark it would be. did a little trimming on bangs!
  • apr 12 - chopped off all backside (short short), cut right hair slick, light trim on bangs
  • june 27 - same as apr 12! short!
  • july 11 - brielle @ alcheme: one process lifting, two processes of bleaching, then applying an auburn/brown base for the "red" - looks more like a true "redhead" option, though not as orange. damn hairs!
  • july 12 - trimmed split ends off bangs
  • aug 24 - dyed auburn red from loreal, more of a cherrywood color with a dark brown base with an extra shot of red. trying to grow my hair out!
  • sept 18 - dyed xxl red for the i live here: sf project so i would have that maroon-y color. so pretty! and still not cutting my hair
  • oct 30 - dyed l'oreal 2.99 strawberry blonde for my miss frizzle costume, and it made my hair redder. ruled. and still not cutting my hair
  • dec 18-19 - light to medium trim on my bands and underside ONLY for layering, not to make short. looks so much better!
  • dec 22 - dyed revlon colorsilk 48, burgundy


  • feb 6 - box dyed hair to have one color for art of protest shoot, revlon colorsilk 45 bright auburn
  • feb 18 - alex at di pietro salon gave me a "creative" haircut; blown dry it looked very ary nouveau. very short in the back, wisps in the front, no split ends!
  • mid-march - dyed an auburn before leaving to sxsw
  • may 9 - shelly at mirabelle gave me a modern 60s haircut, amazing job in the back! and no split ends!!
  • may 14 - natural dye (nonpermanent) for graduation pictures, clairol 37 expresso creme rich black. so weird having dark hair again, but i guess this means growing up...
  • july 29 - lori at renaissance salon. my first official a-line cut. super chic when sort, wavy and cute with airdry. love it!!
  • aug 8 - natural dye (nonpermanent), clairol 23R raspberry creme, rich medium auburn. still retained the dark hair with more of a red tint
  • dec 1 - WC at thrillhouse bathroom salon. decided i am growing out my hair officially and had him cut more layers to frame my face and kept more length in the back
  • dec 13-ish - dyed blue black
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