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or they break up...dear lord...

  • dj shadow (sept 21, 2006!)
  • bob dylan (oct 17, 2006!)
  • boyz II men (oct 20, 2006!)
  • justin timberlake (jan 11, 2007!)
  • bjork (may 19, 2007!)
  • tom petty (august 24, 2008! sort of!)
  • janet jackson (september 13, 2008!)
  • journey (september 20, 2008! without steve perry, but still awesome)
  • new kids on the block (october 10, 2008! joey mcintyre!!!!)
  • massive attack (may 25 & 26, 2010! two shows that i got to photograph, so boss)
  • snoop dogg (august 22, 2010! as part of rock the bells, performing "doggystyle" plus the hits)
  • aerosmith
  • david bowie
  • the eagles
  • david gilmour
  • whitney houston
  • jodeci
  • madonna
  • kylie minogue
  • new edition
  • outkast
  • pink floyd
  • the police
  • queen
  • sting
  • swv
  • tool
  • tom waits
  • stevie wonder
jul 7 2006 ∞
aug 29 2010 +
user picture ohhh that is such a badass lists, i definitely want to see...#5,2,1,7& #8 i loved boysII men...early 90s r&b and hip-hop jul 7 2006
user picture jenz: no one ever expects me to love early 90s r&b/hip-hop/rap, but i so do. i would have loved to see tupac before he died. i don't know id we have much hope for whitney though!! jul 9 2006
user picture Bella: hey!!! Tool is hitting the Oakland Arena soon. Don't know the date, but a DJ told me :) hit it up! jul 10 2006
user picture emily: aerosmith - amazing live!!! seriously. sep 27 2006
user picture Bella: I heard bob was really good! haha Xzibit is coming to Slims! hahahahaha oct 18 2006
user picture Bella: #@$@%$^%#^&&&&!@!!!!!!!! I'm walking to my math tutor... in front of me is some guy and im like "wow looks like Adam...but would he really wear those jeans?!" so I keep walking. The guy was with some other girl and guy. I'm right behind them. I cross the street to go on the other side so at the end of the block I can cross again and walk towards them. I see the 3 stop and look @ a Vegetarian Resturant and I'm even more like "its ADAM!" but I'm not sure, do not see his face. I cross, and see the 3 walking towards me. The guy has his nose in the air looking above at the birds or something (haha looking at the blue sky) and then I'm like "THAT IS Adam!" so I go "Hey Adam!" He's staring straight at me. Stops. Smiles and goes "Hey how are ya?!" And I'm like "good! how are you!?!!" and he goes "good!" and then I go "cool!" and keep walking. now you are probably like "why does she keep walking?" I thought the same thing! "Why am I walking!?!!" But, I didn't want to stand there and be like "ahh hows tour and blah blah blah". I was freaking, and in the end see that it's good that I kept it short. I mean I woudn't want to take advantage of a HUNGRY least not on the street in the presence of his friends!!! Best part: I had my AFI bunny sweater on! yep, all this 3 block from my house!!!!!! when I got to my math tutors...I cound't focus on shit, but who cares?! Yay for Adam being in my part of SF! i HELLA THOUGHT OF YOU WOMAN!!! oct 23 2006
user picture jenz: you are HILARIOUS. jan 16 2007
user picture Bella: haha thanks, but hey it's not everyday that this happens!!!! jan 17 2007
user picture lisa: though Boyz II Men was a surprise to see here. it was more surprising that you saw them in 2006. too funny. feb 10 2007
user picture jenz: i couldn't convince my parents to take me in 1993 when they were popular. that, and i don't think i was really aware of the idea of a concert! only thing that sucked for that show was that the guy with the deep base wasn't on tour because he has MS! how can you tour with three instead of four, unsure. all i know is that i still know all the words to "on bended knee." feb 11 2007
user picture Papillon Blue: I've always wanted to see Bjork. I bet the show was amazing!! Lucky you!! sep 15 2007
user picture jenz: i totally cried. not even joking... sep 17 2007
user picture Papillon Blue: ha ha.. I cried when I saw the Lips. It's just something that happens when a show is THAT intense and you plan for so long to see them. Man! i am SO jealous! did you get any pics? sep 18 2007
user picture jenz: i did! here is my review:
user picture Papillon Blue: Kick ass review!! That is so cool that you got to do that!! And where the heck do you live so that you get to see all these awesome shows??!! I am bummed because the last show I went to was Modest Mouse and that was back in August. I need some live music-STAT!! sep 21 2007
user picture jenz: live music keeps us alive! i live in san francisco. sep 24 2007
user picture Amsyy: San Francisco is AMAZING for music. I've seen Journey there quite a few times. Did you see them with Steve Augeri? If not, you're missing out. :/ I may be biased, because he's a total sweetheart, buuut I think he was better than Perry. :3 jan 7 2009
user picture Pam: ohhh Bjork! your so effing lucky. I would have to have front row. sep 15 2009