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write 5 things. people's names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year.

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best days marked with ☆


    • 1st: strawberry bagels • breaking in my dugout • baby found a place to live! • a closing shift with jahmal & goldsmith • papa john's ft. the graduate (1967)
    • 2nd: a brief opening shift • a shared cinnamon toast crunch edible & the bean cafe • photo-op with a naked statue in the sculpture garden • breaking & entering into a fenced overpass with amusement park props • egg salad sandwiches & leftover casserole ft. set it off (1996)
    • 3rd: oversleeping for 2hrs & doing my makeup in the food court bathroom • sunday's mysterious, sudden illness • a goodbye kiss in the rain • a bittersweet exit interview • falling asleep to the last 10 mins of alice in wonderland (1951)
    • 4th: applying to day care positions • perl de sel bath bomb + butterball + my one-hitter • a rejection email from lush • bibi brought me a quesadilla with rice on her lunch break • catching up with niq over pad thai
    • 5th: finally finishing the first harry potter movie • "are we wearing makeup?" • the ogden museum of southern art • heavily powdered beignets on the riverfront • whole foods & soul food (1997)
    • 6th: a twitter minefield • double scoop gelato • $5 32oz daiquiris & the things no one wants to hear • sex talk in the french quarter • sloppy drunk beignets & hot chocolate ☆
    • 7th: up at 3am, texting eachother from the other room • alone in my apartment, masturbating • intergalactic bath bomb • the beginning of my new obsession with salted lattes • cool, racially ambiguous instagram teenagers with a lot of piercings
    • 8th: radio disney top 30 from the 00s & cave canem registration • biking in sweatpants in unseasonably warm weather • feeling glittery • an agonizingly slow, silent shift • hunting for gorilla snot while baby texts me google images of white youth pastors
    • 9th: three shots of espresso • diva beauty supply & an interview with a daycare • first time edible experiences on youtube • an encouraging conversation with malcolm • chinese takeout & unbreakable kimmy schmidt: s02 ☆
    • 10th: up at 4am with 90s confessions of a broken heart playlist • a heavy ponytail • a super clumsy close with nino & tyler • faded snapchat selfies
    • 11th: unbreakable kimmy schmidt: s03 • the itchy grey turtleneck • a crack in my water bottle • meeting the 2 year olds of benjamin thomas academy • the longest 4 hour shift ever
    • 12th: sleeping in until 2pm • my last thc capsule • lilo and stitch: 625 sandwich stacker • a long, warm phonecall with malcolm • half a jar of biscoff cookie butter ☆
    • 13th: why do fools fall in love (1998) • laundry • christmas photos from clay's mom • a catch-up phonecall with kelley • fairy dust on fresh sheets
    • 14th: texting a cox representative • naturallycurly on youtube • two overdraft fees • a quick close with jamal & nylah • vanilla bean scones, the hills: s01, & avocado wash x american cream body conditioner
    • 15th: disney countdowns on youtube • caramel apple spice • waiting with goldsmith & steph for her ride home • sunday barking outside of cvs • falling asleep to s02 episodes of the hills on dailymotion
    • 16th: melusine bath bomb & the first 45 mins of the lord of the rings: the two towers • finally learning how to inhale properly • a telepathic walk with sunday • library fax services • words I couldn't say, rascal flatts ☆
    • 17th: superstar (1999)inside your heaven, carrie underwood • "bibi, come wash these pitchers!" • a sadder, quieter lush • my friends' nudes • mozzarella sticks & cherry cordials ☆
    • 18th: 7 rings, ariana grande • cancelling unnecessary subscriptions • being the cool girl in the coffee stained crop top • the fastest 7hr shift • tequila shots with ma coworkers! ☆
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user picture Michelle: This list makes me happy. You have the best days. <3 jun 12 2018
user picture shug avery: aww, thank youuu. june has been good to me! :) jun 19 2018
user picture Michelle: Happy belated (it was the 06th, right?) birthday! aug 8 2018
user picture shug avery: it was, it was. omg, thank you! aug 10 2018
user picture christina: i'm going to start to do this. jan 15 2019
user picture shug avery: it's so necessary! jan 18 2019