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write 5 things. people's names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your day. do it each day on your listography for a year.

best days marked with ☆


    • 1st: three mantras • paperwork in alicia winters' office • walking along lake pontchatrain
    • 2nd: "it's your saturday."nsync 'n the mix (2001) • mango & banana daquiris • the movie game winner: the pagemaster (1994)
    • 3rd: the pagemaster soundtrack stuck in my head • "this is how you get back in." • a foggy drive to baton rouge • nectar milkshake & family thrift • dinner waffles & a double feature of daddy day care (2003) & where the heart is (2000)
    • 4th: feeling vulnerable & afraid • dubbing adolescent vhs tapes to dvd • green curry & mars attacks! (1996)
    • 5th: a classic goldsmith x jahmal closing shift • archiving my instagram page • california rolls & trailer park boys: s01e01 ☆
    • 6th: "I'm going to kill you, cori." • a background check inside of a ups store • 70-something degree afternoon sex • boozy bubble teas • unearthing nick jr. shorts ☆
    • 7th: 2002 cartoon network commercials • cinnamon toast crunch • denim shorts in 80-degree weather • "it's when you don't get to do what you want, and when you do, you don't have time to do it." • my coworker's casual homophobia
    • 8th: thank u, next (2019) • destiny's child & (there's gotta be) more to life, stacie orrico • vanilla bean, coconut milk, & sweet cream • very wine drunk & crying at the climax of air bud (1997)
    • 9th: picsart • morning errands with hangover bellies • dissecting jimmy neutron: boy genius (2001)chasing amy (1996) ft. his pink & white fingernails • flubber (1997)
    • 10th: superimpose video • in bed, talking art, chasing amy, & influences • "being onto something." • laundry ft. 32oz daiquiris & the man who kept asking someone to call him a cab • cardi winning rap album of the year ☆
    • 11th: rainy 5am • disney classics & goldsmith winning partner of the quarter • screen recording extensions for google chrome • goodbye, morning call. • green screening on perfect video app
    • 12th: 3am, braiding my hair & watching pen15 • day 1 in the sloth room • garlic parm combo & a snack size strawberry shake • a conversation on how I've been feeling •
    • 13th: • big mouth: s03e01
    • 14th: pink sweater + overalls • an especially poopy day • spending my lunch break sitting outside the post office, on the phone with jahmal • the moana soundtrack while eli napped in the mamaroo • $15 gallon daiquiris, heart-shaped papa john's, & can't hardly wait (1998)
    • 15th: crying after I came • eating powdered sugar out of the carryout tray & giving baby his care package • baby packing my luggage • a gloomy ride to the airport • returning to my cold, familiar city
    • 16th: pocket-operating in the uber • family reunion at crossing the street • cta muscle memory & a new morning page journal • shutting down mama's attempt at a jussie smollett debate • tacos, my oneie, & siren: s02e03
    • 17th: a cosmopolitan article on "the chill girlfriend" • arriving at the birthday party 15 mins after it ended • chicago diner reunion lunch with molly • thrifting a giant rainbow slinky & a pair of glittery purple my little pony shades • the umbrella academy ☆
    • 18th: strawberry cream cheese on cinnamon raisin bagels • a very long, sickness-induced nap • shrooms! ft. southern gothic & siren: s02e04 • rocko's modern life • journaling under the supermoon ☆
    • 19th: gossip girl: s01 & the imaginary person edit • braiding syd's hair while she watched vine compilations • pen15: s01e09 • a really bad adderall come down ft. pizza & fries • jordyn woods vs. the kardashians
    • 20th: screen recording scenes from as told by ginger • hot water flexi-rod curls • a pup named space jam • the first bout of ltab19 • onion rings & ranch ft. a girl like me (2006)
    • 21st: tylenol & a ginger turmeric hot toddy for syd • hoodie + sweatpants • gwendolyn brooks' group piece • discussing our friend group on the ride home • bong rips & final destination 2 (2000)
    • 22nd: comin' atcha (cleopatra's theme), - cleopatra • 00's breakfast commercials! • sweet potato pancakes with mango salsa & is disney's doug really all that bad? - old school lane on youtube • learning how to code • robert kelly goes to jail ☆
    • 23rd: rest in piece, new favorite pink water bottle • "what would martin do? not a damn thing." • a mushroom melt & an accidentally upsized milkshake • bout chaos on the 8th floor • a new lightbulb & a quarter of weed ☆
    • 24th: wake & bake with britteney & vince • biscuits with strawberry jam & cream cheese • cocoa puffs + chocolate milk & sweet and fiery fruit gushers • disney channel promos 2001-2003 • endless popup adds while trying to stream stepsister from planet weird (2000)
    • 25th: waking up at 5am • weeping over halle berry's oscar win & rewatching siren: s02 • baby's taking a weed sabbatical • mr. brown's lounge with malcolm & his new love • the voice: s16e01
    • 26th: a dream about goldsmith • indya moore google search • puretaboo porn • the voting wristband, mild sauce, & girly mags podcast: e01 • the voice: s16e02 ft. white cheddar cheetos bites & a very difficult hostess cupcake
    • 27th: morning pages by vanilla candlelight • what are you longing to do? - oprah magazine article • smothered potatos, veggie meatballs, & the smell of disposable camera photos • girly mags podcast: e03 at north pulaski library • "dodie, do you think we're too old for the little seal girl?"
    • 28th: voicemail messages of baby's first night of mardi gras debauchery • trying to write my morning pages during good morning america • oreos & lilith's brood: dawn by octavia e. butler • library: day 2 ft. girly mags podcast: e04
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