• slide - you enter this bar by going down a big plastic slide and no shoes are allowed inside. this sounds both ridiculous and amazing
  • bourbon and branch - secret locale, phone only reservations, and apparently they make you sign a confidentiality agreement at the door (so i hear) - also a speakeasy place, which sounds cool
  • swirl on castro - wine bars are always a good idea
  • bubble lounge - so is champagne
  • suppenkuche > went for char's bday, excellent for groups if you do a reservation. mm spatzel!
  • bar drake > went here on a date once, super swanky but not pretentious. yay whisky!
  • every bar on this list
  • thirsty bear
  • anchor brewing company
  • speakeasies in sf
  • monte carlo
nov 22 2006 ∞
apr 3 2010 +
user picture jen: i've been to bubble lounge - it's not all that. it's in the financial district... so there were a bunch of suits there. but i got wasted with messina so we had a good time! dec 4 2006
user picture saucy: i know someone who works at the bubble lounge dec 14 2006
user picture C: so how do you get out of slide? jun 10 2007
user picture jenz: i don't know! i'll report when i get to go!