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don't know how to call this list yet

  • Just realize that Listography isn't a social media, cuz it doesn't have the comments section anymore.
  • created a current into list, that I was doing on my notebook but here I can have a bigger picture for the year.
  • Unfollowed some people that where active in 2018 and followed some new people with a bunch of ramdom lists
  • thinking of making a visual list for fave albuns → did
  • updated the icons of the lists created in 2023, with one especific aesthetic, I think [04.04.23]
  • added a guestbook link in profile and a link to my month playlist, inspired by Sumire [11.06.23]
  • tried to change the aesthetic of my listography to something more green [31.12.23]
  • 123guestbook will be shutting down, unfortunately. So O changed to smartgb [06.05.24]
  • Searching for new and interesting listos and cleaning the ones I bookmarked [10.05.24]
dec 22 2022 ∞
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