• get a library card
  • ✓text mau back and keep up with it!
  • try madfit workout routine
  • ✓be on time to work more often
  • start animating a meme
  • ✓finish a book


  • ✓join a pottery class
  • ✓find a dentist
  • ✓finish another book! maybe two!
  • work on your gallery wall (and office)
  • ✓ask for a raise


  • ✓try a middle part!! middle part march
  • ✓do one second a day
  • try some observational/environment drawings
  • cut down on how much sugar u consume!!!!!
  • ✓get a cookie from nedzas
  • save $600 in cash
  • start altering/taking in all the clothes you’ve hoarded


  • practice self control!!!
  • ✓walk the whole Oconee greenway (or at least the paved part)
  • ✓go to Augusta and check it out
  • buy bras that actually fit you
  • ✓start your tomato/herb container garden
  • be on time to work even more


  • ✓get vaccinated!!!!
  • ✓go to the rock and gem show
  • finish your ita bag
  • ✓read a book
  • start growing greens in your aero garden
  • ✓drink more water. carry a water bottle everywhere


  • practice mindfulness and self control
  • ✓look into getting hellraisers repaired
  • go to final cut with mau!
  • walk Dixie every day. even if it’s a short walk
  • start altering your clothes so you can wear them
  • ✓get a printer
  • ✓plan a vacation


  • ✓get back into yoga
  • learn to crochet
  • do at least 10 pieces for artfight!
  • stop spending money online needlessly (sort of but i caved at the end)
  • look at your phone less
  • make some weird healthy snacks
  • ✓start selling online again
  • ✓go to punk flea market


  • ✓do the goals from past months that you didn’t do yet!
    • finish ita bag
    • buy bras that actually fit
  • clean my house and make it into the cute pinterest home of my dreams
  • make an eye appt
  • ✓finish 2 books
  • ✓open up your windows when you’re home. sit outside more. live in the light


  • jump rope every day
  • go see mau
  • quit napping so much!

i’ve been ~depressed~ do better next month


  • keep your house CLEAN like clean up daily
  • jump rope every day
  • ✓save $200 cash
  • make an eye appointment
  • ✓put more effort into your work outfits
  • go to the library!!! conquer ur fear


  • ✓get car fixed and oil changed
  • narrow down my closet to things that make me truly happy. sell the rest
  • take yourself out on dates
  • save another $200


  • ✓do goals you haven't yet!
    • got oil changed
    • took myself on dates ;)
  • sign up for a yoga class. or any kind of exercise class
  • save save save money
  • ✓make some damn soup
  • ✓run away to Florida for a vacation
jan 1 2021 ∞
jan 1 2022 +