I'm a bit nuts, so this could be a long list

  • Georgina, my suitcase.
  • Tara, a Nissan Pintara.
  • Erygg, a black Toyota Seca. (compromise with Husband)
  • MEAM, an iPod.
  • Precious, an iPad.
  • Dolores, an iPhone.
  • Leni, a laptop.
  • Leni 2, a laptop.
  • Leni Junior, an exernal hard drive.
  • Matilda, my fridge.
  • Big Boy, my first TV.


  • childhood toys: Miffy, Strawberry Shortcake, Scrappy
  • toys/plush I have now: Princess Penelope, Frank, George, Salsa, Minty Jr, Moebius, Nandy, Monstrous Muriel, Scary Selby, Orly, Pickles, Tommy, Urg
  • dolls: Emmy, Alice, Matilda, Tuppence, Oderant
  • my plants: Doris, Lucky, Purple Panda, Spiky Spud
  • plants in the garden: George

ex plants

  • Minami, Crazy Potato, Shinji, Big Red, Faulkes
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