• ducks landing on water.
  • a breeze rustling in trees.
  • the crackle and pop of an open fire.
  • a rubber band being moved along a large poster.
  • frozen chopped shallots being tumbled in their bag.
  • that metallic clunking noise in Star Wars when a pod is damaged, etc.
  • The clinking of a spoon in a mug of milo (it has to be a five-spooner, though)
  • the slight popping noise of a fountain pen lid being opened.
  • waterfalls.
  • the sound of Professor Brian Cox's voice. So soothing.
  • thunder.
  • the vibrating of the rails after a tram passes
  • the mega slowmo replay of the Wii bowling 100 pin
  • the sign ticking over on W-class trams
  • a piece of semi-thick cardstock coming out of a Kodak i4200 scanner
  • the sound effect that plays when a contestant takes a piece of sushi from the plate in the Sushi Train Battle game on G*Wars
  • rain on the roof of my house.
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