• live in the moment. find the positives in where/when you are, right now.
  • recognise that, even though past issues affect us, they do not control us. you can choose how to act, think and feel.
  • face up to your problems and work on solving them. face reality, take action and work to turn life around.
  • be thankful. being thankful sets you free in your heart and mind. gratitude inspires positivity and is wonderful for improving relationships. try to be around others with the same attitude.
  • forgive and let go of grudges. forget them and focus on improving yourself, and living a happy and fulfilling life.
  • have as few expectations as possible, especially when it comes to other people. life will be less stressful and more relaxed.
  • respect others. every single person deserves respect, and every single person is fighting their own battle. so focus on being kind, understanding and forgiving.
  • nurture your most important relationships. accept people for who they are and look for the same in others. don't take people for granted.
  • surround yourself with loving, supportive people. people that you feel happy and confident around.
  • take some risks. they're necessary for change and to experience new things.
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