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  • put boring jobs on your to-do list in quotes. That way they will seem much more interesting and mysterious.
  • "monsters, show me your buts!"


emergency calming


asking & wanting


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lifey situations

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  • shelf-awareness
  • shelf-confidence
  • trespasser

Blogging Therapy

wishcraft &c exercises


Havi - anxiety, you're not alone First steps in working on patterns


  • the phrase “I trust my good intentions”, which is generally my mantra in situations where I fear misunderstandings.
  • shelf-awareness & shelf-confidence
  • "I want to live a quiet, body-aware, true-yes life. Aware of my yes. Honest with my yes. Committed to my yes. And I want to do that now .... because ... all the corners of my kingdom are important. ... No more waiting for X in order to be-or-feel Y. That is just unbelievably silly."
  • "The amazing Barbara Sher has this technique called CWUs that I use all the time. It stands for Complete Willingness Unit, and what it means is that you only do tiny things that don’t trigger resistance. So if I’m working on a writing op, and I don’t want to start, my CWU might be just putting my notebook on the table. ... This week I took absurdly tiny steps, and it worked for me."
  • "Because ultimately that is my job and my only job, to keep myself safe. "
  • quote from Barbara Sher: "“When you lose interest in something, you must always consider the possibility that you’ve gotten what you came for; you have completed your mission. … That’s why you lose interest: not because you’re flawed or lazy or unable to focus, but because you’re finished…”"
  • "The monsters are best at three things: worrying, shaming, being wrong. "
  • "Practicing rejoicing over the arrival of anxiety so I could deliver it to THE SECRET MINE where fear turns into jewels. This wasn’t always easy but it was definitely fun to say, “Ooooh! DELIVERY!” each time another batch showed up."
  • "Where is there unexpected power? " from C.S.

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